The Wheels on the Bus

Since the Our Time program (18 mnth – 3 years) features all sorts of vehicles in this semester of Away We Go!, I had to share this fun video with you!

Have fun singing along with a man and his guitar, AND a little puppet, Capo.


This is actually a part of a McIntosh software program designed to teach parents, or older siblings, how to play simple chords – specifically with children’s songs, so the whole family can sing together.  You can check out that information on the blog posting, Learn to play guitar and sing with your children, on my Music Connections Recommends… blog, .

Here’s another fun video sung by Roger Daltrey (of THE WHO).  It can be found on “Mango’s Big Dog Parade,” which PorchLight Home Entertainment is releasing on January 22nd, 2008. Laura Hall composed the music..  But this “Tune It Up” song was my favorite – I think the children will love the beat, and have fun pretending to Tune Up the BUS. 


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  1. Timothy Armstrong /

    The Wheels on the Bus with Roger Daltrey of The Who is the best “Wheels on the Bus” offering out there. Check it out on Youtube or at thewheelsonthebus-dot-com!!

    roger Daltrey Rocks!

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