To my children – Because You Loved Me

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  The words to this song by Celine Dion really make me think of my family, my children, and the families I have come to know and love through Kindermusik.  The lyrics are included in this video, and it provided me with a chance to think about all of those whose love have made such a difference in my life.   It is truly a treasure to my heart when a young child approaches me in Kindermusik to give me a hug, or is so excited to see me when they arrive, or to hear stories from the parents of what a wonderful influence Kindermusik makes in their everyday lives.  Thank you for the love, and the joy![youtube=]

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  1. Brandy Mahan /

    Ms. Debbie,
    This song has held a special place in my heart since the birth of my first child. Thank you for posting it and for the love that you show to our children. They truly do count you as a member of the family! We cherish all the you and Kindermusik have brought into our lives.
    Brandy Mahan

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