Reflections of Spring: Family Time – Moving & Grooving

Rascal, the monkey, was the star of this semester, and we took many cues from this curious creature.  We learned and practiced many different ways of moving – finger movements, body movements, locomotor movements, and movements along a variety of pathways.  And like the group of gorillas checking out the human camp on Tarzan, we explored timbres and made a lot of fun music with our drums, woods, bells, and shakers!

[rockyou id=114378554&w=426&h=320]

To my Family Time families, may your moves keep groovin’, as I believe we will continue this journey together.

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  1. felecia Hardy /

    all the pics looked great. The children enjoyed seeing themselves on the blog. We talked about their favorite part of kindermusic. They really enjoy coming, and i really enjoy spending that time with them, Thanks Ms. Debbie


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