What a Wonderful World In Our Hearts

Aah, Louis Armstrong.  This summer, I’ve enjoyed relaxing a bit with my families and sharing some wonderful music that helps us appreciate the world around us.  My whole body seems to relax when I listen to Lous Armstrong sing “What a Wonderful World”.  I love holding my daughter and dancing cheek to cheek with this song.   The melody and the images his words create can transcend the ordinary, and build a fullness in our hearts that bring us together in gratitude.  I found this fabulous video that I wanted to share with you.  The photo slide show is a spectacular way to illustrate the words of this song.

We also love to sing songs together in the car as we are driving.  And we are now learning the lyrics to this song.  They can be found here.  (Copyright prevents me from listing them on my site.)   My son is 12 and my daughter is 4, and it is amazing how singing this song can transform the moment from ”independent concerns” to a calm feeling of cohesion.   I always tell my children that they are a part of what makes this world so wonderful to me, and it helps them to feel like they are a part of the love that abounds in this song.

With are also exploring writing some new words to this song, starting with “I see….”  and trying out new things we love about this world to match the melody.  It is a great activity in the car, letting us connect in so many ways, and personalize the song to our own perspective.   This creative process of music helps our energy flow together and create cohesion, feeling the joy of each other in the moment that can last for days… and maybe for a lifetime.

Music can be such a magical experience.  That’s why I teach Kindermusik – there are so many songs that can do this, and Kindermusik is a fun way to learn to sing the songs together.

“Feelin’ Groovy” is another of our favorites - but that’s for another blogging day.

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