Celebrate Summer

Summer is so full of things that make it wonderful, it is worth celebrating.  For the Summer of 2008, I added these postings which help us celebrate these treasures… most of all being with our children in ways that are nearly impossible during the year. 

Summer 2008 blog postings:

A great way to enjoy the summer is to spend one hour a week (5 weeks) with your child in a Kindermusik Adventure camp.  Please see what was offered in Lakeland, Florida during the Summer of 2008, and make plans to join us NEXT summer !!!    

On my website, http://musiconnx.kindermusik.net , it is easy to check the schedule for any of my semesters and enroll for the programs available.

If you live elsewhere, check out the Kindermusik Website, www.kindermusik.com .  Most of the educators have their schedules right there online, so you can compare the different programs near you.

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