On The Road Summer Camp Adventures for Preschoolers

Some of my most favorite memories with my family involve Road Trips.  Along the way, we played games with things inside AND outside the car, sang songs together, played kick ball at the roadside rest stops,  and generally bonded in a way you can only do when you are trapped with each other for long periods of time.   We have designed a fabulous part time summer camp for 3 – 6 year olds, focused on the magic and joy of family interactions during Road Trips.

Yes, I know that there are many electronic devices that are available to use in the car now that were unheard of when I was young.  I do believe these devices can come in handy at times if used effectively (esp. audio books).  But these are not the stuff for making memories.  Good family memories means reading maps together, planning and talking about what you will do at your destination, sharing crazy ideas, working together to find things, complete a game, or remember the words to that funny song, and of course, laughing together !

Our Summer Adventures are designed a little differently to meet the needs of these 3 – 6 year olds:

  • Families can choose ONE or TWO days a week (Tues. and/or Thurs) for 5 weeks.
  • Our flexible schedule options allow families to schedule around their other summer events.
  • Two and a half hours during an afternoon is the perfect time span for this age, and means families don’t have to rush out the door in the morning.
  • Children participate independently for two hours and 15 minutes, then parents and siblings get to join in the fun for the last 15 minutes.
  • Activities include singing, playing instruments, dancing, lots of movement, art projects, book readings, storytelling, snacks and more !
  • Home Materials are integrated with the theme, and include a CD of music, a children’s book, a cute wooden frog croaker, and art projects that will provide hours of fun in the car.

Big Kid Adventures: On the Road                                             

This summer camp, designed for children 3 – 6 years olds to participate independently for 2 hours and 15 min. then the parents join for the last 15 min. for a fun family review.

On The Road was inspired by children’s love of family adventures, esp. road trips, and the lifelong memories they build. It recreates the cozy delight of family travels; singing rounds in the car, making up songs, harmonizing (or trying to), playing “I Spy”, and watching for the alphabet on the road signs.  We visit a unique place on our “map” each class and enjoy the explorations we find on our travels:

A -Riding in the Car
B – Fishing at the Lake
C – Fascinations at a the Fair
D – Picnic at the Beach
E – Camping in the Woods

Each of these FIVE 145 min. classes will be provided twice during the summer to provide a variety of options for participation. See below.

Materials fee covers a music CD, a book, and a a wooden frog guiro instrument, as well as art materials and snacks. Art projects that will create an “On The Road” pack for your car, full of games & ideas. This will ensure the fun and learning continues ALL summer long… on all your road trips, even around town.

  • Materials: $55 / Tuition for 5 classes: $110 for a total of $165.00
  • Add additional classes for just $16 – includes extra craft materials and snacks.

Classes offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting June 19, but families can choose which dates work best into their summer schedule.

See all the details on the scheduling options, as well as how to register for a program on our posting:  Flexible Options for Your Summer Adventures.

Please Contact Debbie Mondale for any questions, or for a more personal registration process.  See contact options on the right >>>>>


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