Parent Perspectives on the Imagine That! Program

Here’s what parents have to say about the Kindermusik Imagine That! Program for Preschoolers.


The amount of knowledge my children are gaining is priceless. And they learn it in a very creative way – a way that is easy for them to retain it.

Telling stories using game boxes.


“I think the whole program is absolutely WONDERFUL for kids (and parents/families) to learn and grow in a way that you just can’t get from any other form of schooling or education or even playtime!!! Besides what the program itself teaches you, Ms. Debbie reaches into the minds and souls of these little wound-up, anxious learners and shows them (and us) how to use music from all around us to right down inside our own imaginations!! She makes each child an individual and knows just how to work with each one in a special way yet keeps the group going on so many great adventures, all at the same time!! Everyone is having fun and learning so much, it’s something you know they’re retaining!! This program is fantastic and Ms. Debbie is an absolute PRIZE!!!! I WOULD and HAVE recommended it!! Always! Thank you!!!”



It gives my son and me a different, non-super-hero-centric, pre-organized and multi-faceted structure for learning and exploring together.


Teacher Note:  Students participate independently for 30 minutes.   Parents and family join us for the last 15 min. of class, so parents can be an active part of the child’s musical life… AND understand the fun assignments to continue the learning throughout the week.


Kindermusik Parents, please share your delightful stories, and your perceptions of the Kindermusik Imagine That! program.  I am honored and blessed that you share your families with me.


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