Parent Perspectives on the Our Time Program

Every year, parents have an opportunity to tell their thoughts about Kindermusik.  These reviews focus on the  Our Time program for children from 18 months to 3 1/2 years old.


“While the class itself can seem silly, it’s “just” singing and dancing which most people say they can just do at home without having to pay the cost of Kindermusik.  But the amount of research that goes into every silly song we song is incredible.  I think what I’ve learned through ‘just singing and dancing’ definitely helped my children’s development. (and they are insanely intelligent!)”


“I think the Kindermusik program, our teacher Ms. Debbie Mondale, the interactions that take place along with the introduction to new music and sounds helped expand my sons language skills. The experience is beneficial on many levels, music, language and social skills have all grown in my opinion during our two semesters.”


“The learning that happens is way beyond just music. I love that the overall concepts taught help with their social skills, emotional well being and behavior. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used the songs and activities while out and about to help pass the time and avoid meltdowns. And the cleanup song-brilliant :)   I think it’s such a great foundation for learning and we look forward to coming every week! I’m so grateful for the friend who told me about kindermusik!”


“Debbie Mondale, the instructor, was truly inspiring. The way she responded to the children and the adults. It was amazing to see the way my grandson, Jayden, responded. He loved all the instruments, which we have incorporated into our daily sessions at home. I have always made music a part of his life, but Debbie helped me see how to interact with him through the music. I was told about Kindermusik from a friend and I have told several people about Kindermusik. Thank you for the experience and am looking forward to many more classes.”



“I have recommended Kindermusik to friends and they have come, brought their child(ren) and loved the classes. I will continue to say good things about Kindermusik to new friends. Miss Debbie is a wonderful teacher. She knows so much about the ins and outs of Kindermusik. She adapts the classes to your child, gives group and individual attention, allows for “independence” when someone (my child) likes to wander off, brings the class together for activity, knows when to pull out just the right instrument to gain attention, and is just overall amazing. I love the structure and organization of the class without being overly structured or strict. She’s encouraging and is great with giving ideas for home activities. The music is wonderful and my son and I sing most of the songs either in the car, in the tub, before bed, or while we are just playing. I love that the classes bring us closer and that the classes allow grandma and him to be spend time together the days that I can’t go. I can’t say enough good things about Kindermusik.”


“My son and I love Kindermusik. I love watching him interact and learn new things from the kids in his class and from Ms. Debbie. I also liked how other family members were encouraged to visit – Daddy, Grammy, and Pop Pop loved coming to a class!”



“Kindermusik is a wonderful music and movement program. It shows children at a young age the power of music. Debbie is a fantastic teacher. She is extremely passionate in what she does and it shows each and every week in class. My son loves going to Kindermusik each week to see Miss Debbie. Debbie also sends out weekly email communications recapping what was done in class and providing several other examples of things you can do with your children (including local events taking place) This is extremely important to me as I am a working mother that rarely if ever has the ability to take my son to Kindermusik so it is great to hear what he is doing in class. I would highly recommend this program to every parent. It is well worth it.”



“Debbie is so talented and passionate about what she does. Not only does she teach the children songs and activities, but she also teaches the parents about how the activity helps the child’s brain develop. I know of no other music program that incorporates the music with the education of the child’s development. Debbie knows her stuff, and you can tell she loves what she does!”


My favorite quote from a child, when asked why they liked Kindermusik:  ”Ms. Debbie is Silly!”


As I am putting these Parent Perspective pages together, I am feeling very humbled and honored to have such fabulous families to be a part of this Kindermusik community.   I really do love what I do, and I am grateful that others find it worthwhile.   I appreciate the kind words… Thank so those who have shared, and to those who will share.


  1. Dana Ries /

    We were skeptical at first about what we would ever want to pay for “singing and dancing that we can do at home for free.” We were invited to an open house at Ms. Debbie’s Kindermusic location, and we went for “something different to do.” From the first few minutes, we were very impressed. There are reasons and lessons imbedded in every song and activity. Our 2-year-old little boy was in love with “Moo-sick Cwass!!” The rhythms, songs, tempos, and activities have been great for him. He Loves going to class every week, and if we drive by the building, he asks me to please turn “that way” and go t class! This is our second semester, and we are about to enter our third. It has been worth every penny, and then some! Ms. Debbie is PASSIONATE about her work, and it shows. My son loves to tipetoe, slide, and stomp through the house every night – an activity we did in the first few weeks of out first semsester, and still asks for the “Jinge Bells” and “see-saw” songs from last fall. Santa brought a piano and more musical instruments this Christmas to inspire and facilitate his increased interest in music. Yay “Moo-Sick Cwass!”

  2. Nana Sue /

    I have had the great fortune of accompanying my granddaughter to Ms Debbie’s Kindermusik Class since she was 4 months old. Zoey is now 29 months old. Zoey has come to love Ms Debbie with all her little heart and wants to perform the many activities with her as opposed to me. Zoey loves to sing now and looks forward to her Thursday mornings at Kindermusik.

  3. Sara Rayborn /

    Kindermusik is a wonderful way to introduce young children and their parents to the benefits of music. I love watching my son dance, sing and interacting with the music in his own little way. He loves music, but now he associates the activities we do in class to the songs he recognizes from kindermusik. Mrs. Debbie is such a wonderful teacher, she has such a positive energy about her, and it shows each and every week in class the way she interacts with each child and parent. She allows each child to go at their own pace and explore new things in their own way. She always has such encouraging words to give, and sometimes that is just the thing you need. I’ve learned how to be a better parent and teacher to my son through Mrs. Debbie. and the kindermusik experience. I can’t say enough good things about kindermusik and what it has done for our family.

  4. Audrey O'Donnell /

    Kindermusik is absolutely amazing! I was skeptical at first because I wasnt sure it would work for my 2yr old daughter, who at the time was very, VERY shy & timid. We attended one of the free classes to try it out before commitment and from the moment class started I had a whole new child! I mean, I took this little girl to 2 different playgroups & toddler gym and nothing has ever brought out her personality like Mrs Debbie & Kindermusik! I looked around like “this is not my child” but completely over-joyed that I had finally found her place to open up. We signed up for the very next semester and she’s been right at home every since, so much that some days she is in the center of the class actually singing loud enough to hear her sweet, quiet voice, crazy dancing and even sharing her own adventure stories with Mrs Debbie. I am completely amazed at how fast Kindermusik brought her out of her shell.
    The favorite part is…now when we get on skype with out-of-state grandparents she gets out her instruments and sings songs with them. We were just visiting them in Ohio, the whole bag of Kindermusik was the first thing she packed and had ready by the door. While there she decided that Papaw & Daddy needed to play school with her…well, she started out “teaching” them their ABC’s and then broke out into “Bow, Wow, Wow…” lol* So she left Papaw with a whole new list of songs to sing while he works! ;D They are in complete amazement on how many songs she remembers word for word along with the dance and/or hand plays to go with them on her own without the cd!
    ( and we try to recruite all the time ;} )

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