A Summer Full of Favorite Baby Games

Come play with me !

The game “peekaboo” is the most basic of parent-baby games, yet one of the richest.  In one simple gesture, baby’s beloved adult magically appears in response to baby’s desire – smiling, looking only at baby, telling baby with face and eyes alight, “I am here just for you, whenever you need me; you are adorable, and I love you so much!”  No wonder babies have a seemingly unending appetite for this game!

This game is played in every country and every home that has children.  In our summer Kindermusik unit for babies, we learn to say “I See You” in many languages.  And there are many other such songs and games that have been gathered from homes around the world, and shared in the upcoming 2013 summer semester of

Peek-a-booPeek-A-Boo, I Love You !

This program is specifically designed for families that want to offer their baby an opportunity to freely explore music in a variety of ways, creatively interacting with a parent (or grandparent), and with other babies and their parents.  Ooooh, I just LOVE this baby time !

Babies up to 24 months can truly enjoy this program.  This age range has been expanded a bit to meet the specific needs of some families and / or children.  Children older than 18 months MAY be best served in this program if they are shy, or not comfortable participating with older children.  This is sure to help build their confidence !    It may also be most appropriate for some families who may have two children in this age range.  If a child over 18 months is quite active, ready to explore the world and interact with everyone they meet, then the older class:  Beach Days for Families may be a better option this summer.

Peekaboo, I Love You!  Is a semester full of activities that celebrate the games that help develop relationship between a baby and her most important teachers – mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, and close friends.   The included activities are inspired by songs and baby games from many countries around the world and the special love between a parent and child.   These activities become personal rituals which strengthen the family bonds, and make the daily routines more special.  These activities stand up to the test of time because babies learn so much from them.

Classes are offered at two time during each week:

  • Wed. 9:30 am.
  • Thurs. 12:00 pm.

Includes FIVE  45 min. classes.  Each day focuses on a different theme:   2013 Schedule

  • I See You !                                June 18  &  20
  • I Will Be Happy                      June 25  &  27
  • Love Somebody                     July 9  &  11
  • Good Old Summertime       July 16  &  18
  • I Love You !                            July 23  &  25
  • Best of Peek-A-Boo!             July 30  &  Aug. 1

A  FABULOUS set of home materials makes sure the learning continues ALL summer long:

  • Peekaboo kitQuality CD that includes all the music and rhymes from class, and more
  • a color poster with developmental thoughts and activity ideas
  • a duck puppet/bath mitt
  • a sensory Gertie Ball (soft and spongy – way fun!)
  • and a variety of handouts full of ideas and resources


Enroll soon to save your place in this fun summer camp for babies!


What baby song/activity most interests YOUR child?

We have a discussion group about these routines and rituals on my

Music Connections Facebook Page.

Please visit, become a FAN and join in the sharing.

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