Look Forward to Thursday Evenings with your Family

In the midst of a busy work schedule, make one night a week a special time that you and your young family look forward to.  Pick them up and bring them to a fun place with other awesome families, and enjoy the opportunity to sing, dance and play together with someone who brings the love and learning out to play.  Learn some cool ways of blending music into your family life, and watch those little faces light up with the joy of your special time together… in class, and during the rest of the week.

Several working families and teachers in Lakeland, FL enjoyed these kinds of moments during the summer Kindermusik classes during the day and could truly see the benefit of consistent processing week to week, rather than once a month (See Saturday Kindermusik under Programs drop down list).  These moms asked me to find a way they can continue this opportunity on a weekly basis that is available to them.  It took a bit of finagling, but I finally got all the puzzle pieces in the right place !

With a real desire to facilitate a great opportunity for working parents and their young children, I am happy to announce that Kindermusik will be offered during an evening time slot once a week for the 2015-16 school year in downtown Lakeland, where all the cool new murals are across from Lake Mirror.

Thursdays:  5:30 – 6:15 pm.

Kindermusik Wiggles & Giggles – Family style


Our first class will be on Thurs., Sept. 3, yet enrollment continues to be open for families to join us as soon as their schedule can be adapted to make this happen !

Family style simply means that the class is open for a wide age range of children, from babies on up to 3, maybe 4 years old or older, depending on the child.  If you have a question, just connect with me so we can talk about your family.

We’ll be using the Our Time curriculum, starting with the unit, “WIGGLES & GIGGLES”.  Get ready to add some fun music and activities to your bath time and bed time routines, and that is just the beginning.  ”Pete and PJ” is a beloved favorite book, with a Wishy Washy Wheee ! refrain.

Same as the other programs, the cost of $60 a month for four months covers the tuition for 15 weekly classes, and ALL of the music and materials to continue the fun and learning at home.



or if new to Kindermusik



If you prefer to start with, or want to add individual unique Fall themed Playdates, check out the really fun events I created and offer once a month… and more.

Fall-Oh Me! Playdates

I look forward to watching the faces of the children and parents in this class as they enjoy each other so much in the process of making music and learning together.

Please join us, and let your world of family love blossom through music.  And don’t be surprised if friendships between our families pop up and grow into fun relationships as well.

Perhaps expand the evening fun by dropping by the Palace Pizza for a slice or two, and taking a walk around Lake Mirror.  What kind of cool is that ?!?   Lakeland’s “Little Mecca of Cool” kind of cool !

Make your Thursday evenings something you look forward to each week.

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