A Family Soundtrack for Spring

What’s on YOUR Soundtrack for Spring?

The emergence and progress of the seasons is a common thread woven throughout time, through all areas of the world, through all cultures, young and old, rich and poor.  ALL of us are influenced by it’s changes and it’s presence.   And MANY have been inspired to compose music to express our emotions surrounding these seasons.

Is your Spring playlist filled with popular songs, vintage songs, jazz pieces, or classical music ?  What music will your children connect with the Spring season?   Regardless of the style of music you listen to most in your home, there is likely to be songs that help you feel the springtime in your heart.   PLEASE comment below to add the songs/music about Spring you enjoy most.

You may be looking to expand your Soundtrack for Spring, so it seemed that some families might like to have me share what’s on MY playlist:

By far, the most famous classical music about the seasons is by Antonio Vivaldi.  The Four Seasons is a set of violin concertos that reflects images of each of the seasons.  The first upbeat part of  Spring is probably the most well-known part of this work.

For those of you interested in exploring Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in more depth, with or without your child, it is fascinating to know that the music is based on a set of sonnets (some believe are written by Vivaldi himself).  Each of the four seasons has 3 parts, set to a specific pattern of Tempo (speed of the music).   This delightful article by Piano Lessons 4 Kids presents the poems right along with the music for each of the Four Seasons, allowing for some interesting interactions and discussions about the music.

  Antonio Vivaldi – A music appreciation lesson for kids

Other favorites on my non-Kindermusik playlist include:

  • Southland in the Springtime by the Indigo Girls
  • Here Comes the Sun – Beatles
  • I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash
  • Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens
  • Joy To Spring – instrumental jazz by Arturo Sandoval
  • Spring, Spring, Spring – vocal jazz by JaLaLa
  • Younger Than Springtime – Frank Sinatra
  • Spring (Our Bright Future) – by Tracey Chapman
  • Spring – by Leah West
  • Lord of the Rings – The Hobbit  by the PianoGuys

Spring Season Kindermusik Soundtrack by Ms. Debbie

Of course, as a Kindermusik educator for over 17 years, I have my favorites to share with children, which include the following recordings which can be purchased and downloaded from play.kindermusik.com:

First of all, I must point out that the whole Mister Sun album is the perfect soundtrack to celebrate the glorious sunny days !    This is one of my all time favorite albums to enjoy during the morning as we get ready to go about our day.  It has the most positive vibes that put us in the best moods !

To get more of a variety, these songs explore more themes of Spring, such as the grass and flower that are starting to color our world, as well as the little critters, including our children, frolicking in the warmth.  Included are the names of the albums or Kindermusik programs with which these songs are connected.


Several of these songs are included in the Kindermusik Village unit of DewDrops – a delightful way to celebrate the Spring season with your baby.  This unit will be offered during April and May (2016) at multiple times.  There are a few spaces that remain open if you are interested in visiting, or joining us for the unit (which includes the DewDrops album, the DewDrops book & poster, and a rainbow shaker instrument).  Take a moment to “Schedule A Free Preview” found to the right of this page.

  • Wed. 9:30 – infants up to 18 months (most in current class are now walking)
  • Wed. 11:30 – specifically designed for the younger babies, from early infancy through the crawling stage.
  • Thurs. 12:30 – infants up to 18 months (currently a wonderful multi-age group)


I have such fond memories of taking my baby on stroller rides in Hollis Gardens in Lakeland and singing Come My Little Darling… and most of the songs on the list above.  Perhaps you know this one, but need a refresher on the words?  If not, join us for a class and learn the melody !

  • Come My Little Darling, a walking we will go,
  • Down in the valley where all the lilies grow.
  • Sweet Peas and roses and berries on the vine.
  • I’ll swing her once, I’ll swing her twice and make that baby mine.

Enjoy your Spring Season.  May your soundtrack brighten your spirits and make for some wonderful days.  Come and join us for some musical days this Spring in Kindermusik… it is a great way to expand your playlist and learn fun new ways to interact with your child during this wonderful time of year.


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