Polk Life Spotlights Kindermusik

Did you see the beautiful families?  Polk Life magazine  (a Lakeland Ledger affiliation) featured our little Kindermusik program in their most recent magazine, Wed. May 25.    I LOVE the subtitle “Kindermusik provides Nurturing Notes”.     Cool!  They GET IT !

Music Connections’ ‘Kindermusik’ program introduces music to toddlers, young children

Paul Catala did an amazing job describing some of the precious moments in our Young Child classes, as well as covering my musical journey which has been going on in Polk County since 1999.
Ernst Peters totally captured the joy of nurturing music in young children.  When I asked him if he got any good pictures, he replied that it’s filled with so much fun, it’s like “shooting fish in a barrel’” to catch good shots.   So you have GOT to check out the gallery and see all the good photos.
A HUGE THANK YOU to the editor that requested the article, as well as these two, for sharing the opportunities that local families have to nurture their children and family through music.
Now that you know about us, come out and see what it’s like to be a part of our little Kindermusik community !
Merry Melodies,
Debbie Mondale


  1. vicki walsh /

    Are you having music activities that a 2 year old can participate?

    • Debbie Mondale /

      Absolutely ! Actually, the program for that age group is the most popular, so I have several class times available, with some wonderful families to share it with. The new session starts the week of Aug. 28, but we have a few more classes of summer you can visit. Check out the schedule in the top drop down list, and Connect with me to schedule a visit: musiconnx@gmail.com, or call me directly 863-816-8835. Merry Melodies, Debbie Mondale

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