Each family is an “organization” that runs based on a chosen set of values and beliefs, and strives to help each other thrive.

Music Connections is my heartfelt way of creating an extended “family” for all of us, as we learn, strive, and thrive together.

Through the JOY of CREATIVE PROCESSES, like music… and parenting,

we become ENGAGED active learners,

NURTURING each other along the way,

continually DEVELOPING our best selves,

and making CONNECTIONS that last a lifetime.


Is this the right place for your family?   Take a moment to learn a bit more about us, and visit a class, or two.  Give us a chance to learn more about you, and help us know what your child and your family needs most during these magical younger years of childhood.  Perhaps we can be just what we need for each other.


Music Connections

This business was created in 1998 with the vision of bringing the power of music into the hands of families, to facilitate all the connections that music can bring, from personal to global, for your family.

Debbie Mondale

is the owner and primary educator behind Music Connections.  This little story shares a bit about how she found Kindermusik as a perfect channel to share her ever growing knowledge of music education, music therapy and child development with families.

Kindermusik International

is the developer and publisher of the high quality materials and curriculum of the programs that are offered for our families.  Their website and social media platforms are filled with guidance and inspiration, and so many ways to connect with the larger worldwide Kindermusik community, all families just like us, learning, striving and thriving together.   Get connected !


In Lakeland, we enjoy our programs together at our Happy Space:   1736 New Jersey Rd., in the back part of the Lakeside Baptist complex.

In the past, Kindermusik programs have been offered in Winter Haven, but there is not currently a teacher or location for us at this time.


Interested in Teaching ?

If interested in becoming a Kindermusik educator and offering programs in Winter Haven, or other areas of Polk County, please contact me.  I am happy to help mentor new teachers, and would welcome working directly with teachers in my business, or working in coordination with educators running their own business.


Of course, Contacting Us is the best way to really connect and find out what will work best for your child, and for your family.  Connect with us through completing the form, or simply call Debbie.  I’d love to learn more about how your family can become part of our family.