Communication is a critical aspect of getting the MOST from your Kindermusik experience.  I need to communicate with you, and strongly encourage you to communicate with me.  We will all benefit.  AND you may want to communicate with others in your class.  Many long term friendships have started in Kindermusik.  With that in mind, I know that everyone has different needs, or BEST ways to communicate.  Here are some of the methods I offer:

  • Weekly Emails – Each enrolled family receives this email which reviews critical developmental topics from class; provides reminders for things to bring; may include enhancement ideas, and links to further resources.  I highly recommend you have access to a computer weekly where you can access this email, or have someone print it for you
  • Emailing me, or replying to this weekly email is a great way to connect with me.
  • Sharing Sheets are occasionally handed out in class to follow up on developmental issues.
  • PHONE CALLs  are important open communication lines for both of us.
  • TEXTING is probably the easiest way to get my attention and communicate effectively !  Just identify yourself on your first text and I’ll add you to my contacts.
  • Give permission for Debbie to set up your mobile phone for Group Texting  to get rare, but critical messages (like if class is cancelled due to hurricune, or Ms. Debbie being sick.  Hopefully NOT!).
  • Music Connections Facebook Page :  If you Facebook, PLEASE become a FAN, and join in the conversation about inspiring quotes, personal stories of musical magic, local resources and events for children, tackling parenting issues, and MORE.  Get the FIRST NOTIFICATION of upcoming events, and even some sweet discounts !  I will also be sharing pictures of families willing to let me share (permission based).
  • Debbie Mondale Facebook Profile:  Of course, it is not necessary to become my FB friend.  But I do love to keep up with you and your family’s happenings, and you may enjoy keeping up with mine.  Once part of my Kindermusik family, please feel free to look me up by my name, I am happy to accept your friendship request.  I do not MAKE the request because I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to accept.