Important Policies

For what I believe are the most important “policies”,  PLEASE refer to the posting, Making the Most of Your Kindermusik Experience -  For ALL Families !!!  PLEASE READ !!!  Whether you have a child that is extremely shy, a playful participator, or an extremely active explorer of the environment, these ideas will help you make the most of your Kindermusik experience.

Registration, Payment, and Attendance Policies

Mainly these are set to help the business aspects as easy as possible, so both of us can devote our mental efforts to making life and music “click” for our children.

Register any time!

Enrollment for the school year session includes 34 classes from September through May.  The monthly payment does not pay for a certain number of classes per month, but instead represents the total amount for 34 classes, including tuition and materials, divided into 9 equal payments.  Transfers to different class time / program levels can be made through email communication.  We’ll gladly pro-rate tuition or schedule makeup classes if you join after the Kindermusik semester begins.  If the tuition is prorated, the final payment will be adjusted to reflect the difference.

Payment:   Our automated monthly payment system is easy and hassle-free for you.   Simply inform us of your payment preference – credit card, debit card – on your registration form.  Prior to your payment due date, you will receive an email reminder of the impending charge and then it will automatically be processed on the 5th of each month (unless we are contacted to change it to a different date).  Contact Debbie Mondale if you need to discuss a different payment format.

Other Fees:   There are no other fees to participate in Kindermusik Core Programs:  no registration fee, no costume fees, no recital fees.  What other programs can say that ?!

OTHER Programs:  There are a variety of other programs offered by Music Connections and InTune Studios.  Participation in these separate programs or events will require a separate Registration and Fee.  But families already enrolled in the Kindermusik Core Programs receive a discount on the other offerings.

Absences and Make up Lessons:   We want families to feel comfortable to stay home when there is an illness.  It helps us all stay healthy.  And we realize that some families will know specific dates they will not be available due to dr. appts. or vacations.   So we have a flexible make up policy.   Kindermusik classes may be made up in any class with extra room any time during the year, before or after the absence.  Families can even attend both days during a week to make up a class.   This includes participation in the scheduled Saturday classes.  Due to our flexible make-up policies, there are no refunds due to absences.   PLEASE HELP US to facilitate this:

  • If you know you will be absent, please contact the teacher by calling or texting her cell phone (given on your first day of class).  This lets us know there is room for a visitor.  Even if you contact us later by phone or email, at least we’ll know what has happened, that your family is OK, and that we don’t have to worry about you.  Or let us know if there is a way we can help you.
  • To schedule your make up class, contact the teacher prior to the class to ensure there is room for your family.

Teacher Illness or Hurricane Days:  All classes cancelled due to teacher absence or hurricane days will be rescheduled.  Be aware that if school is cancelled on a Wed. or Thursday, then classes for both days will be rescheduled.  A good rule of thumb that I follow is that if SCHOOL is OUT, there are no classes.

Cancellation and Withdrawal:    If enrollment must be cancelled, a written notice prior to the 1st of the month is required. If notice is received after the 1st of the month, the tuition for the current month will still be charged.  The written notice may be emailed via the Contact Us Form to the right, or mailed to the Office at 6825 Ranch Rd. Lakeland, FL  33809.   Upon receipt of the request, the tuition will be prorated to remove any charges for withdrawn classes, and the final payment will be adjusted to account for any remaining balance for the materials and services rendered.

Materials and Supplies:   Kindermusik At Home materials are included in the cost, and are an important part of getting the most out of your Kindermusik experience (see link above).  These home materials will be given out at the first class of each new curriculum theme for those who are enrolled in advance.  For those who enroll mid-semester, the materials will arrive in 1 – 2 weeks.   Most of the materials are primarily designed for your use and enjoyment at home.  These are the exceptions:

  • The younger children may want to bring their book to class, so they have one to hold while the teacher is reading.
  • It is important for the Imagine That students to bring their backpack and instruments to class so we can work on ensemble development.
  • The Young Child students need to bring their entire bag and materials to class every week, and take them all home so they can practice and complete their assignments !!!

Parental Involvement:  Parental support and follow through in between classes is crucial to the success of each student.  To keep parents informed, and hopefully inspired to continue these activities throughout the week, we regularly communicate via email or flyers.

Music Connections also has an active website and Facebook, with regular postings that focus on topics generated from our class themes and Foundations of Learning generated by our activities.  PLEASE be an active part of our Kindermusik community and let’s share our stories and ideas in these formats.

Music Connections also takes pictures of families in action in our classrooms.  These are uploaded onto a Private Shutterfly Website into albums sorted by the specific classes and times.  Families can easily download the pictures, or order any of the wonderful products Shutterfly offers (like the t-shirt I got from my Young Child graduating students with their group picture… it was beautiful!)  On this Private website, it is easy to comment on the pictures, or even upload your OWN pictures to a specific album.  AND there is a place for discussion forums if we want to share our ideas in a more private place than Facebook.

Music Connections would also like to use some of the pictures on the website or marketing materials.  The registration form provides a place for parents to choose the level of permission given for this.

We love to hear from you!

As always, we welcome your feedback and your questions. Your teacher will provide you with her phone number and email address, and you are encouraged to contact her regarding scheduling, student progress, or weekly assignments. To contact the