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  • This new MUSIC CONNECTIONS WEBSITE is also a new PLAYGROUND for us to CONNECT through.    I would LOVE to get your feedback on my blog postings.  Please share stories of how these Foundations of Learning techniques are working with YOUR child, or ask me PARENTING QUESTIONS so I can answer them in the Parent Perspectives category.  Share your thoughts in one of my online Surveys, which will help me establish new programs that will work for your family, or your ideas may improve how my programs or my website works for you !
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  • Music Connections Facebook Page :  If you Facebook, PLEASE become a FAN, and join in the conversation about inspiring quotes, personal stories of musical magic, local resources and events for children, tackling parenting issues, and MORE.  Get the FIRST NOTIFICATION of upcoming events, and even some sweet discounts !  I will also be sharing pictures of families willing to let me share (permission based).  I LOVE to hear from you about these Facebook Posts, or to see posts with pictures or stories about your family !
  • Debbie Mondale’s Personal Facebook Profile:  I would LOVE to be FRIENDS with you, as I have found it to be a great way to reach out and connect with others in a whole new way.  I have found a world of humor, inspiration, and support through my Facebook friends.  Often it helps me to know when there is an illness in the family, or other important things going on with you or your child.  Recently one of my Kindermusik friends had 4 sick kids at home.  I posted pictures on her wall of her happy, healthy children in Kindermusik to cheer her up.  Being a FAN of my Music Connections Page does not let me connect with you in that way.
  • Find Me on Twitter:  @debbiemondale  -  I’m learning about tweeting and having fun.  But I could use a Twitter Guide if someone has the knack and would like to share !!!
I also find inspiration from some of my favorite Kindermusik educator bloggers.

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