Best Quality and Affordable at $60 a Month

You want to make the best choice for your child and your family.  Kindermusik provides the best quality materials, AND the best quality class experience.  I guarantee it.  If you don’t feel that is the case, please come talk to me.  I will make it right, or refund your money.  Quality is incredibly important.   And in times like these,  it is also important to be able to fit it into your family budget, so a subscription model system is set up to make it easy for families to participate.  PLUS, there are other creative ways to make it affordable.

Even families with tightening budgets have found that Kindermusik provides a great educational value both for their child and for them as parents. Kindermusik offers so much for the investment including weekly classes, research proven curricula, a trained teacher in music and child development, parent education, and At Home Materials that include CDs, literature books, instruments, and a Family Activity Guide.

Home Materials

Be aware that the home materials are an important part of the Kindermusik experience. They include the necessary tools for you to continue the learning at home. AND, you and your child are going to LOVE listening to the music, making music, reading the books, and enjoying the activities in the Family Guide.  The Kindermusik for the Young Child program takes it to a whole new level of interactive engagement at home to help promote music skills and enthusiasm.

Subscribing for school year sessions of the Kindermusik Core Programs is easy and affordable

Each school year session includes 30 classes, which encompasses 2-4 themed units with unique recordings and home materials.

$60/month for most programs

The cost of the materials and tuition for a full unit is divided into easy monthly payments.   Families can enroll for one unit, or all the units during the school year.

Automatic monthly payments make this a seamless experience throughout the year.  Seriously, a good portion of that is the materials,  with the tuition cost per 45 min. class only around $11-12.

The Kindermusik for the Young Child program is slightly higher, $70/month, and for good reason… it includes several melodic instruments, more materials for at-home learning, and 60 min. classes.


Flexibility for your family

If families need to modify their automatic withdrawal date, or work out another payment option, PLEASE contact Debbie.  I HATE for finances to get in the way of this awesome opportunity for your child and family.

Enrollments can occur at any time during a semester, and the tuition will be prorated for the number of classes remaining in the semester.  If a family needs to withdraw early, we prorate the tuition for the final payment.   No contracts are necessary.  We just want to make this as easy as possible for all families to have this opportunity.

The value of Kindermusik is far greater than the sum of the payments.