Young Musicians 5 to 7 years old

The very first Kindermusik program was developed in Germany over 40 years ago by a group of professional music educators who knew that children from 5 – 7 years old needed to learn basic music concepts and skills in a way they learn best, through a gradual progression of skills introduced and repeated through movement and games.  In Lakeland, Florida, Ms. Debbie continues this good work of opening the world of music to students this age, and makes learning music theory FUN and engaging !


The students pictured above are my 2011 graduating class and include my daughter (my son was in my first graduating class in 2004) !

These students leave with the skills to read and write rhythms and melodies, and how to play melodies on these three different instruments, the glockenspiel, the dulcimer, and the recorder.  They also leave with a LOVE of music in its many forms, and a LOVE of making music in it’s many ways.  Many of the graduates over the last 10 years continue their studies in piano, violin, voice, or even through expressive interpretation of music through dance or ice skating.

Regardless of their formal music studies, students from my Young Child graduating classes continue to value and enjoy music in their daily lives, and we get together for an Annual Music Festival to share our joy of making music come alive !

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boy interacts with music

The benefits of music study continue as a child grows.

Fortunately, our Kindermusik classes are located in a full music studio.

InTune Studios,

offers a wide variety of ways to continue a child’s musical education.


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