Active Explorers 12 – 23 m.

 includes weekly 45 minute structured classes

designed through the best research for

        toddlers from 12 to 24 months old

accompanied by a parent

or other favorite adult partner.


The Sing & Play program is the perfect “Village” atmosphere, where babies and their moms (or dad / grandma/ aunt / nanny, etc.)  come to spend quality enjoyable time together, away from regular routines and responsibilities.  Here is a safe and comfortable place to explore the musical and social world of a group setting, while singing, dancing, and exploring instruments and props, such as scarves, balls, parachutes, and more.  Parents also learn how music truly influences the development of the whole child through everyday interactions with their babies.


2017-18 Units

I Can Do That !   What can a 1 year old do?  A LOT !

Rain or Shine:   Connecting with all sorts of weather… especially the Fall season !

Family All Around Me:   The love of family and friends brings us together.

YUM!  -  A fresh musical take on FOOD in our toddlers lives.

Big Red Barn:   Trot & gallop with the horses, Moo with the cows, & do a pig jig.

Zoom!        Babies on the move… love things that GO!  This is the musical version.

Playtime:   Classic musical games for active explorers.

Easy Monthly Payments

$65 / month –  subscription rate August through May – includes 34 lessons, plus a set of home materials for each unit.

Enroll at any time, and stay enrolled even as you move up to the next age group.

Sing & Play Class Times – with Debbie MondaleThurs. 12:30 pm.   (space available)Thurs. 12:30 pm.   (space available)

  • Tues. 9:30 am  (NEW class time added)
  • Wed. 9:30 am  (currently full)
  • Saturdays at 9:30 am  (special events once a month)

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Overview of home materials:

Each unit of Sing & Play includes a unique set of home materials based on the thematic focus.  Kindermusik fully believes that the parent is the child’s first teacher, and that the primary learning takes place in the home and throughout the routines of their day.  By having the following tools, families are able to enhance their ability to incorporate music, movement, language, and learning activities with their babies throughout the day, and more fully understand the importance of these activities to their babies’ development.  Each unit of home materials include the following:

  • A high quality CD which includes a great selection of music from around the world and across different styles, with unique arrangements for each one that allows the child to hear a variety of instruments and a variety of voices. Throughout the class we use this music in a variety of ways, and the child’s familiarity with the music has a profound effect on their participation in class, and how much they gain from the experience.
  • A Children’s literature book - a board book featuring delightful large color images, and fun words to encourage vocal play.
  • Weekly emails from Ms. Debbie about some of the musical, or developmental topics initiated in class
  • Participation in a private FB group for sharing stories, and making connections through music.


If your child is not yet mobile, you might consider a unique experience that may be a better fit.  If you have questions about which program is best for you and your child, feel free to connect with me, and we’ll talk about your specific child.

Cuddle & Bounce:  Specifically designed for the babies 12 – 24 months.

The youngest babies have their own unique needs, and can really thrive in a group with other babies that are not yet very mobile.  Creative games and techniques paired with music stimulate all the babies senses… through intentional touch, tummy time, instrument exploration, circle dances… and more !  You and your baby will love your time together… and with other babies and their families.   More information can be found on the Cuddle & Bounce page.  If you have questions about which program is best for you and your child, feel free to connect with me, and we’ll talk about your specific child.