Young Musicians


5 – 6 year old budding young musicians

find their tribe and way to thrive.


The world of music unfolds for them as they are

…immersed in the joy of music and instruments,

…..both classical and cultural.



Through singable songs, interactive games, and whole body movements, they learn the basic principles of music theory,  and develop the skills for creating melodies on a variety of instruments.


2017 – 2018 Session – FIRST year students will meet on TUESDAYS after school

  • Families enrolled by June 12 will be able to help choose the start time, between 3:30 – 4:00 (or so)
  • Orientation with Students & Parents who are enrolled will be scheduled in August
  •           (Parents and children are introduced to the whole program.)
  • Classes start Sept.  12  and consist of 30 lessons from Sept. through mid-May.

Second Year Young Child Students meet on Tues. 3:30 pm.   Contact Debbie if interested in second year, as a child in 1st grade MAY be able to catch up and jump in with my currently wonderful small group.


Students participate independently for 45 min.,  then parents (& siblings) join for last 15 min.

There are four consecutive semesters that coordinates with two school years, typically Kindergarten & 1st grade.


See descriptions of each of  the four units below.

$75 / month for 8 months per school year.


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Overview of Program, Home Materials, and the four consecutive semester units.

Kindermusik for the Young Child is simply the BEST way for children this age to be introduced to the world of music theory, music history, and a variety of musical and cultural styles.  We explore music concepts through movement, then apply them to real instruments.

Through fun songs, games, and movement, students learn to read and write rhythms and notes on a staff.  Students learn to use their music memories (audiation) to play songs on three different instruments, the glockenspiel (a keyboard instrument), the dulcimer (a stringed instrument), and the recorder (a wind instrument).

We cover musical stories, from classical to cultural, and get a basic understanding of instruments from the orchestra and from different cultures around the world, with hands-on experience (as much as I can afford or arrange).  We have such a great time learning; you should see the look on their faces when they get to learn a new note!  And their homework each week presents games and activities that help them gain critical music skills.

First Year:

YC-S1  Fall – Sem 1:  basic music concepts (sound/silence, fast/slow, high/low, etc.), reading/writing basic rhythms, reading and writing the first 2 notes on the staff & playing them on the glockenspiel, introduction to orchestra instruments, intro. to Mozart & Opera:  The Magic Flute.


YC - S2  Spring – Sem 2:  Pentatonic scale, learning to play pentatonic songs on the glockenspiel, as well as read & write on the staff, continue studying orchestral instruments, study instruments in context with Peter & the Wolf, as well as the Young Person’s guide to the Orchestra.


Second Year:

YC - S3  Fall – Sem. 3: – Complete a full octave scale, expand study of rhythms and music theory, introduction to a variety of North American cultural music styles and instruments, get to make and play their own dulcimer, ensemble work, and continued theory on the glockenspiel.


YC - S4  Spring – Sem 4:  Introduction to songs in alternate keys (glockenspiel allows keys to be replaced with sharp or flat notes), introduced to world music cultural styles, musical stories, and instruments, introduced to playing the Recorder, able to recognize Form in music and other more abstract music concepts.


Once students have completed this two year program (four semesters, two per school year), they are ready to choose an instrument and be successful in more formal music lessons.

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