Babies to 18 m.

 includes weekly 45 minute structured classes

designed through the best research for

        babies up to 18 months old

accompanied by a parent

or significant adult partner.


The 2017-18 Kindermusik session include five unique themes and sets of materials:

Do Si Do” –  It’s all about that MOVEMENT!  We move to learn, so we can learn to move.  Babies will discover which instrument make sounds when they shake, roll, tap and rub them.   In this unit… Dancing with your baby is taken to a whole new level !

Feathers” – The rich textures of Fall is deeply rooted in this music celebrating migrating birds, falling leaves, and our Native American heritage.  Your baby will fly, flutter and nest… and pound her own beat with a variety of drums.

Peas & Carrots”  -  This shorter unit in January is a quick dive into the musical world of foods with babies !  Mama Paquita will soon become your favorite dance with Baby, and you’ll have several songs that make meal times more upbeat and joyful… Yes… even while nursing.  This fresh Kindermusik unit comes with access to your materials on your mobile device or computer, full of researched development tips and activity ideas for you… (not tech for baby.)

Cock-a-Doodle Moo” – Nursery Rhymes, farm animals, and the busy nature of the farmyard spring to musical life !  How does each animal sing “Good Morning!”.  OH… the delightful lap bounces will have you laughing, and baby will want to do them again and again !

Dew Drops” – With the beautiful sounds of rain and wind, and the beauty of the blossoming flowers, you and your baby will find this music activities will have you feeling that you are strolling through the grand gardens of England and Ireland.

Easy Monthly Payments

$65 / month –  subscription rate:  

Enroll at any time, and stay enrolled even as you move up to the next age group.  


The Village program is specifically designed for all babies up to 18 months, and is a wonderful learning environment that allows the freedom to move about while learning..

Cuddle & Bounce:  Is an alternative program for the younger babies.

Sometimes the youngest babies are a little intimidated by the walking babies, and can really thrive in a group with other babies that are not yet very mobile.  More information can be found on the Cuddle & Bounce page.  If you have questions about which program is best for you and your child, feel free to connect with me, and we’ll talk about your specific child.


Village Class Times – with Debbie Mondale

  • Wed. 11:30 am
  • Saturdays at 9:30 am  (once a month)

If Saturday mornings work better for your family, see details on the Fall-Oh Me ! Playdates page.

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Overview of program, home materials, and the 8 unit themes.

The Village program is the perfect “Village” atmosphere, where moms and babies come to spend quality fun time together, away from regular routines and responsibilities.  Yet they find a comfortable place to explore the social world of a group setting, while singing, dancing, and exploring instruments and props, such as scarves, balls, parachutes, and more.  Parents also learn how music truly influences the development of the whole child through everyday interactions with their babies.

Each semester of Village include a unique set of home materials based on the thematic focus.  Kindermusik fully believes that the parent is the child’s first teacher, and that the primary learning takes place in the home and throughout the routines of their day.  By having the following tools, families are able to enhance their ability to incorporate music, movement, language, and learning activities with their babies througout the day, and more fully understand the importance of these activities to their babies’ development.  Each set of home materials include the following:

  • A high quality CD which includes a great selection of music from around the world and across different styles, with unique arrangements for each one that allows the child to hear a variety of instruments and a variety of voices. Throughout the class we use this music in a variety of ways, and the child’s familiarity with the music has a profound effect on their participation in class, and how much they gain from the experience.
  • A Children’s literature book – a board book featuring delightful large color images, and fun words to encourage vocal play.
  • Art Banners – Two heavy stock strips that include the pictures from the book.  These are beneficial in aiding the baby’s visual and language development.
  • An Instrument clearly designed to match the theme, and make specifically for babies, so that the finish and parts are SAFE for the FULL exploration they will get.

Unit Descriptions


Fall 2017

Do-Si-Do -

“Boom-Pa-Pa, Boom-Pa-Pa, Tango, Cha-Cha, 1-2-3, Waltz with Me, Boom-Pa-Pa-Pa” is the resounding and repeating from from this wonderful book, song, and semester that celebrates the world of dance and the music that has been written to accompany all of it’s many forms.

This is not a dance class, but you and the baby will learn to move to these various rhythms in a way that will provide the baby with a good steady beat and feel for rhythmic phrases.   Home Kit comes with egg shaker AND scarf !


Feathers -

Oh, the wonderous variety of birds there are in this world!  The themes for this semester focus on the different colors and sounds from birds all over the world, as well as celebrating the Fall season in which so many birds take flight.  There is an earthy feel from the Native American music, as well as the chipper Kookaburra song from Australia, and so much more of this wonderful CD.



Spring 2018

CDM logo

Cock-a-Doodle Moo! -

Hop on the hayride – it’s time to head for the farm!
In this unit of Kindermusik Village, families will sing songs about the farm, including a new twist on ”Old MacDonald”, joyous riding songs like “Hayride”, and a cool new toe tickler “This Little Cow Eats Grass”.  They’ll engage in rituals and playful activities for baby and parent or care provider, all centered on farm life and the unique animals found there.




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DewDrops -

Stop and smell the roses – and the Lily of the Valley, and the Tulips, and the Pansies…  in the DewDrops unit of Kindermusik Village, families will play and move together to songs about flowers, such as “Jasmine Flower”, “How Does your Garden Grow?”, and “White Coral Bells”.  The CD is infused with traditional Irish music – to which we: dance a jig, prance to the Irish Trot, and exercise to “Did You Ever See a Lassie”.   Aye, ladie, it’s a great deal of fun!