Enrollment FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Subscription Model, and enrollment in general:

  • What is the subscription model and why are we using it?
  • Can I enroll for just one unit?
  • What if I need different materials or need to pre-arrange for a different number of classes?
  • Can I enroll for some months, but not others?
  • What if I miss a class, or if I KNOW I’ll be absent for some of the dates for the class?
  • Can I change class days/ times?
  • Can I change programs?

If there are other questions, use the CONTACT US form, and we will contact you, and possibly put the answer here for others to see as well.

THANKS for checking here for the answers.  If it answers your questions, it saves both of us time !

Our Goal is to fully meet the needs of each family while simplifying paperwork and maintaining the integrity of our business, so we can all focus our energies on bringing the magic of music into the lives of our children and families.


What is the subscription model and why are we using it?

The Subscription Model makes it easier to stay enrolled over several units – without having the “re-enrollment” process for each  new unit.  Fill out one form, ensure your credit card information is set up for automatic monthly payments, and no one has to worry about these details for the full school year.  Summers are set up separately.

The Subscription model also helps to balance the payments over time, instead of having such a high up-front cost.   The total cost for the materials and tuition is divided into equal payments.

For example, the cost of the materials for one unit of the Our Time program is $60, and the tuition cost for 15 lessons is $180, for a total of $240.  This total is divided into 4 equal monthly payments of $60.00.    When you indicate on your form that you prefer the full year enrollment, then there will be 8 months of $60 payments set up – no worries.

With the subscription model, the first payment of $60 just covers the cost of the materials, so the cost of the tuition is spread over the following three months.  The monthly cost does not equal 4 classes a month, it is just a portion of the whole.  Although it is a bit of a leap of faith on my part, I fully trust that families will enjoy it, see the benefit, and stay enrolled to make it work out over time.


Can I enroll for just one unit at a time?

Yes.  The unit themes are described on the page for each program, and families CAN just enroll for one unit.   If a family wants to continue with the next unit, they have to complete the form again.

The Our Time and Imagine That units are 15 weeks each.   The Village program runs for 15 weeks and covers two units.  Fall units, plus Spring units totals 30 classes from Sept – May.   There may be an additional unit offered in May if we complete our 30 weeks by the end of April.

Kindermusik for the Young Child consists of 30 lessons throughout the school year, and is a full two year program.  Parents should be aware of the importance of this two year process.

Be aware, if you only enroll for one unit, that I cannot save your place in that class time for the next unit.  It will be open for others to enroll.  If space remains, then we can simply extend your enrollment.


What if I need different materials or need to pre-arrange for a different number of classes?

The subscription model and easy registration form make it easy to be flexible to meet the unique needs of families:

Sometimes families already have the full kit from a previous enrollment, in which case, they can purchase the sibling kit (additional instrument(s), etc.), or they may like access to some digital home materials that complement the themes of the session, or they can opt for just the handouts I give in class ($5).

When families start mid-semester, the tuition can be prorated at the rate of $12 per class included in enrollment.

The easy registration form is set up to let you clarify any of these details.  If there are questions, I will contact you before completing your full enrollment and setting up your payment schedule.

Still, the total of the materials ordered and the tuition charged will be totaled and divided over the appropriate months in that unit.

Families are expected to complete all payments as agreed upon in the initial enrollment.


Can I enroll for some months, but not others?

Honestly, these programs are designed for consistent processing with children and families to achieve their maximum benefit.   A child learns best when they become comfortable with a consistent pattern, and can anticipate the excitement of the learning experiences in the classroom, and the follow through at home with the music, instruments and materials.

Enrollment with the subscription model means the cost is being spread over time, and that a space is saved for that child for the entire time.  With respect to these facts, it is recommended that families remain in the program at least throughout an entire unit.    If a family chooses to withdraw for a period of time in the middle, their space in the class may not be able to be saved.  But always feel free to talk to me and let me know your situation, and we’ll see what we can do.


What if I miss a class, or if I KNOW I’ll be absent for some of the dates for the class?

Good question !  We have a very flexible make-up policy.  Families that miss a class, or knows they will miss a class can contact Debbie to schedule a day to attend another class time, even coming twice a week as needed.  With the full school year session, that can be made up at any time throughout the 9 months.

As SOON as a family knows they will not be able to attend a class, it is extremely helpful to let the teacher know, so arrangements can be made for someone else to visit that class, or make up a class at that time.

If a family knows of a long term absence that is scheduled, like a month long family vacation, or an extended hospital stay, simply include this information in the “Comments”  section on the registration form.  If the class is not too full, we can work out a prorated tuition in advance (but not after several classes have been missed without notifying the teacher).


Can I change the scheduled class day and/or time?

Yes.  If a child’s nap schedule changes, or the family schedule changes, contact the teacher to see what other class times have space available.  As long as there is space available, we can easily transfer a child to the same class at a different time.

Can I change programs?

Yes,  As your child grows through the year, they may need to change to the next level program.  That is easiest to do when the units change, and it is EASY for us to transfer them to the next level as long as there is space in one of the class times.   Families can also pre-enroll for the next unit for the higher level class  The wonderful thing is the price does not change.


What if something happens to interfere with my participation in the enrollment agreed upon?

If a family finds themselves in a situation that may interfere with their ability to complete the payments or enrollment as agreed upon,    CONTACT YOUR TEACHER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!!  

We may be able to resolve the issue, like a transfer to a different class, schedule make up classes, or work out unique financial arrangements.

If not,  the account and payment schedule  will need to personally adjusted specific to your needs, so DEBBIE MONDALE must be contacted in writing (email OK) at least 10 days before the next payment is due.


Note from Debbie:   “Honestly, I am dedicated to making this experience right for your family.  Let’s talk !”  

As always, the children and families are first priority, and we try to make it as easy as possible to participate in this amazing musical and whole child opportunity.