The connections we make with our little ones, through engaging musical interactions, can impact them now… and throughout their lifetime.

June 1 UPDATE –  Our six week Summer Session will NOT be held this summer.  I am so sorry to disappoint !

Ms. Debbie is needed for a Family Emergency in Oregon. Instead of postponing to an UNKNOWN later date, we are just cancelling it this summer.  You already have too many UNKNOWNs to deal with.

Please keep watching this website, and our social media sites, for ONE-time Playdates and EVENTS that will be scheduled later this summer, such as a PIRATE PARTY, a Dinosaur Dance, and a Royal Ball… which will be held ONLINE, and perhaps in an outdoor location.  
***  We will start Kindermusik sessions again in the FALL.

Thank you for your interest. I hope we can make music together soon.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.  Please stay connected with us, with each other, and with those you love.

Ms. Debbie 

For this unique moment in time, all our Kindermusik programs are being offered ONLINE through the ZOOM app… so easy! 

Our families are LOVING this interactive time with Ms. Debbie, making choices to hear their name with the hello song, playing along with whatever “instruments” they can find at home, getting into the dance groove, and seeing their friends doing the same in the gallery view.  

You can just click on the link above to Make Music with Us… and we’ll connect with you to find the right fit for your family.

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2700 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland

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Notable News –  While at home during this time of social distancing due to COVID-19, we are connecting with each other ONLINE through the ZOOM app for all of our regular classes and events.  You’ll see here when we gain approval to begin meeting again in our happy studio.

 This is a great set up for our older students.  He can easily see Ms Debbie and his friends, as well as have access to play his instruments along with us, or use the open space behind him for dancing.


Join us for a Saturday morning Kindermusik Playdate.    We’ll keep you informed whether it is in person or online.

April 18:  Dear Earth, We Love You!

May 9:     You are my MOMshine!   

This is actually a family currently in our Thursday evening class time at 6 pm.  There are currently spaces for you to join us at this time.  Both these parents work in the health care field, so let’s keep them in our hearts and wish their family well.

“I give this business 5 stars!! As a parent, I feel like I have found one of the treasures of Lakeland – and my children’s lives will be forever impacted!”

Gwen A - mother of 4

Click here for full transcript of video.

Music Connections Programs

Together with Loving Partners

Music for


Music for

Active Exploring

Music for

Learning Together

Music For


1-5 years

Independent with Friends  

Music for

Imaginative Play

Music for




One-Time Events with your Family  

Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:30 –  Babies up to 20 months

10:30 – Mixed ages: 1 – 5 years

This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.

Music Connections Mission


like music, movement… and even parenting,

we become ENGAGED active learners,

NURTURING each other along the way,

continually DEVELOPING our best selves,

and making CONNECTIONS that impact us for a lifetime.

Are you ready to see the magic?

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Our Location – Starting Nov. 1, 2019

2700 S. Florida Ave.             Lakeland, FL 33803

Our happy Kindermusik studio, is located in two rooms at the United Methodist Temple complex, and parking area can be accessed from Rogers Terrace Road,  UMT is across the street from the Publix Southgate Plaza.  Follow the signs to our happy Kindermusik studio.

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