Come find Mrs Debbie and her Kindermusik Pit 

on March 24  – – – 9 am – 4 pm at the

Family Fit Fest

in Central Park of Winter Haven.

– Organized by Junior League of Greater Winter Haven  – website

You may have seen me and my Kindermusik Pit before, I’ve been at several festivals over the years.  My  gated area is set up on a outdoor mat and is filled with all kinds of instruments to freely explore within the “pit”.  Children and parents are welcome to come and go as they please, and to revisit when desired.

In coordination with their 2012 Theme:  Kids in the Kitchen, the Kindermusik Pit will include our classic egg shakers, as well as many instruments that make sounds when you “stir” or “grate”, or shake or rub.  ALL these ways to make sounds are building skills that will be used in the kitchen.

AND, of course, we will be listening some of our best kitchen music, from the Our Time “Milk & Cookies” semester, Family Time “Our Kind of Day” semester, and the “Noodles From Scratch” album.  You can hear samples, and download these kitchen themed songs from our PlayKindermusik site.

Actually, I highly recommend downloading the entire Noodles from Scratch album if you want some great upbeat songs, jazzy music, and engaging stories to accompany you and your child with your kitchen adventures.  It even has some great downloadable home activity ideas, as well as a recipe for making your own Noodles From Scratch.

Then look forward to us being at the next festival in Downtown Lakeland.

April 21 – – – Family Day

  Organized by Explorations V Children’s Museum

If you know of any other family friendly festivals in the Polk County Area, please share in the comments, so more families will be in the know.