Weekdays are crazy, and Saturday is best time for the family to really reconnect with each other.  What shall we do?  (…Kindermusik…).

At home, it is too easy to let life’s chores get in the way.  We need to get out of the house… yet not in the heat.  (…Kindermusik…)

Where can a family go to find unique fun experiences together, where the personalities of the little ones as well as the bigger ones can shine?   (…Kindermusik…)

What is something that everyone in the family will be looking forward to, even if it is just once or twice a month?   (…Kindermusik…)

If you are thinking Kindermusik would be a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning with your young family, you are really going to be excited to learn about the adventures that are planned for 2016 – June through August in Lakeland, FL !

During all of our Saturday options, families attend and participate together.  All adults are welcome, including grandparents, etc.  The music and activities are designed to bring out the best in all of us, as we learn new ways to interact with each other through music, increasing our emotional connections to each other, and connecting with other families as a small community.  The more you get involved, the more you feel like part of our family as well !

Two age groups are offered:

  • 9:30 am: Babies (up to 2 years old)  – Kindermusik Adventures: BUSY DAYS.
  • 10:30 am. Families (1 – 5 years old) – Kindermusik Adventures: ZOO TRAIN.
Saturdays Scheduled
Two Saturdays a month are scheduled in June, July, and August, typically the 2nd & 3rd Saturdays.   Altogether 8 Saturdays are scheduled.  The specific dates and themes are listed below.

Busy Days for Babies

The Babies Style class
 is for the youngest of our little ones, from infants up to 24 months old, to attend with one or more of their favorite adults for a 45 minute class together. This is the perfect place to let them move at their own pace, share their excitement of exploring new instruments, props and activities, and to build their confidence in playing around others, and interacting with other babies and adults in creative ways.
Kindermusik Summer Adventures unit: BUSY DAYS, celebrates the rich lives parents and children share.  Even the most mundane tasks or outings become extraordinary when we look through a child’s eyes and experience the world as fresh and new.  A trip to the grocery store, child in tow, can feel like drudgery from time to time, but imagine how the colors, shapes, smells and sounds might be a sensory feast to a little one.  And, if the parent is armed with songs, rhymes, and games to enjoy while cruising down the aisles, or wile away a long wait, the experience might become more than just a chore to be completed, it can be a journey brimming with fun and learning.  Whether it’s to the doctor’s office or the park, to splash in the water or bounce on Grandma’s knee, a parent’s repertoire of on-the-go, attention-getting songs and rhymes will grow.

Physical Home Materials: Busy Day Card Book, Busy Days CD, baby safe jingle shaker  (included in enrollment)

Optional: Digital Activity Set:  Access to more music, a new online story, video field trips, games and more.

Saturday                 Busy Days Adventures                
June 11                    A:  Riding Around Town
June 18                   E:  Wading in the Water
July  9                      D:  Dancing with the Doctor
July 16                     B:  Swing by the Market
August 6                  C:  Playing at the Park  
August 13                F:  Friendly Visits
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ZOO TRAIN – Family Style

The Family Style class is for a wide age range of children, 1 – 5 years old, for families to attend each 45 minute class together. This is the perfect place for children of various ages to learn to interact and play with their siblings and other children in age appropriate, and creative ways.

You may enjoy going to the zoo, and seeing the wild animals, yet, the world of the zoo can be a part of your family life on a daily basis.  Our rhymes and songs help us transform into our favorite animals, sounding like them, moving like them, and learn some of their habits.   Each scheduled Saturday class invites us to explore animals from different unique biospheres,


Exploring the world of wild animals is fascinating to children of all ages. A trip to the zoo or an animal park to see the live animals takes families into a whole new world they don’t see everyday. But the fun and magic of this experience can come alive everyday for you and your family with the songs and activities from the Kindermusik Summer Adventure, ZOO TRAIN.

Physical Home Materials: Zoo Train Book, Zoo Train CD, animal shaped shaker, craft supplies

Optional: Digital Activity Set: Access to more music, a new online story, video field trips, games and more.

During our 2016 Saturday Adventures, there are six different concept themes, developed in the context of the animals you will meet that day. The lessons are designed to offer just the right balance of structure and spontaneity, of group play and individual exploration and to offer the stability and gentle guidance needed to nurture creativity in the very young.

There is some overlap of these themes between each class, but this is the general overview with the scheduled dates:


Saturday                 Zoo Train Adventures                                                                                                                     

June 11                    All Aboard the Zoo Train
June 18                   Jungle Jam
July  9                      Close Encounters
July 16                     Creatures Down Under
August 6                  Rockin’ Rain Forest  
August 13                Polar Paradise


Flexible Schedule / Pricing Options:

Cost          # of classes

100              6              Includes full Zoo Train set of Physical Home Materials

————————  $48            —————  Add a sibling for 6 classes



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Coordination with Summer Adventures offers flexible scheduling.

This summer, during weekdays, both Busy Days and Zoo Train will also be offered for families who are interested in participating at least once a week.  There is a great group of families in the 5:30 evening class.  From all these class times, families may schedule an alternate date to accomodate summer trips, or add extra opportunities for music with you and your child.

Zoo Train will be offered in two different formats that may also meet your family’s needs and interests,

  • Family Style or
  • Independent Preschoolers Style

The Unlimited  Kindermusik Summer Adventure Special.

150           unlimited        Extra Bonus Added: Wild Animal Park DIGITAL HOME SET    ($75/mth)

—————–  allows ability to schedule as many classes as you’d like out of all options available.

————————  $70           —————  Add a sibling for unlimited classes


Use the same enrollment form above for the Saturday and Summer Adventures that work for your family.