2016 Summer

The 2016 Kindermusik Summer Adventures Schedule and Fees:

Each program name is a LINK to more details.

Standard Enrollment  Package includes 8 classes & set of physical home materials.  Eight classes can be once a week, or uniquely scheduled.

Cost is divided into 2 monthly payments.  Monthly payments would be scheduled for June & July.  None in August.

Alternate packages are available during the summer:  6 classes, or UNLIMITED classes.  See Below.

Links to schedule a visit, or enroll right away are located to the right of this page. >>>>>>>>>>




Day and Time

Monthly Cost 

0 – 12 m

Busy Dayswith our youngest   May 31  –  June 22July 12 – Aug 4
  • Wed. 11:30


 6-24 m

 Busy Days

  May 31  –  June 22July 12 – Aug 4
  • Tues. @ 12:30
  • Wed. @  9:30
  • Thurs @ 12:30
  • SAT @ 9:30  **


1 – 4 yrs

 Zoo Train


  May 31  –  June 22July 12 – Aug 4
  •  Tues @ 10:30
  • Tues @ 11:30
  • Wed @ 10:30
  • Thu @ 9:30
  • Thu @ 10:30
  • TUES @ 5:30
  • SAT. @ 10:30


3-5 yrs

  Zoo Trainfor Independent Learners
  May 31  –  June 22July 12 – Aug 4
  • Tues @ 9:30 
  • Wed @ 1:30
  • Thu @ 11:30


0 – 24 m

1 – 5 yrs

Busy DaysandZOO TRAIN   June 11 & 18July 9 & 16August 6 & 13
  • Sat. 9:30

  • Sat. 10:30


6 classes

5-7 yrs Tell Me A Tale   July 8, 15, 22, 29August 5
  • Fridays 10-12



Tell Me A Tale & strictly Saturdays are separate from the following flexiblity, please follow the links above for details.

Standard Summer Enrollment 

With this Standard Enrollment, the cost for tuition and materials for 8 classes is divided equally over 2 months, and set up for automatic payments.  (Reducing higher up-front costs for customers).    This is not a contract…  we are just making it easy to start participating, and keep participating as long as you like throughout the session.

  • Enroll at any time – even if mid-session !  Complete the Registration form, and schedule the 8 classes that will work best for your family.
  • Choose a specific day/time to be your primary scheduled day.  Then schedule adjusted days around your vacation times.
  • We have a flexible make up policy if a class is missed.  You are responsible for scheduling make-up classes.
  • BE AWARE, these two payments cover the number of days you choose and the materials, regardless of when you attend the classes.

Enrollment Process

Simply complete the Enrollment Form so we can start the process.  If everything is clear and space is available in the desired class, the enrollment will be completed in our system, an enrollment confirmation will be emailed, and the first payment will be processed if there is a card on file.  If the payment information is not on file, the system to set up the payments will be made available.

If there are questions or lack of availability, Debbie will contact the family about any questions.

When the initial payment is processed,  the child’s place in the class time of choice is set, and is kept for them for the entire session (or whichever part of it they register for).

Sibling Discounts

Families often want to enroll siblings in semester classes as well, so sibling discounts are incredibly helpful:

  • A Sibling in the same class will just be an additional $30 per month,
  • Families wanting to enroll more than one sibling, or to enroll children in different types of classes just need to complete the Registration Form, and I will contact you with a quote.
  • The Registration Form also has a place to indicate if returning families already have the home materials kit, and the amount will be adjusted accordingly.

I am excited to make this process easy for everyone involved.   In this way, we can more effectively focus our time and