Follow these links to learn more about what is offered for students this age during the school year.

Not sure if your child is more interested in dance, playing instruments, acting, or singing?  Where will your time and money best be invested?    Why choose?  Kindermusik integrates them all into musical storytelling adventures with pretend play.

Students participate independently with peers for 30 min., then parents & siblings join for 15 minutes. 

Level 3 is designed for children around 3-5 years old to engage in story based imaginative play that weaves in musical concepts and social skills.  Be ready for expressive movement, structured circle dances, exploring and playing percussion, and some melodic instruments, partner play, storytelling, acting out the stories, dress up, and LOTS of singing.   (Be aware: There is some flexibility with parent presence for those who are adjusting to independent participation.  This can be their gentle, loving small group experience to build their confidence.)

Level 4 is designed for independent young musician students around 4 1/2 – 6 years old.  These units include an introduction to musical notation and concepts tucked into rich cultural stories and pretend play activities.  Colorful scarves and props accent our expressive movement as we FEEL the way the music leads us to move.  These students are preparing to participate in the Level 5 program for young musicians in the fall.  

ALL classes are 45 minutes in duration, with 30 minutes independent participation, and parents & siblings joining for the last 15 minutes.   Enjoy the waiting room with toys & books.

These classes are offered twice a week for all scheduled summer weeks:

  • Tuesdays 11:30
  • Thursdays 11:30

Choose one class time as designated group, then use the other class time as make up as needed to fit around summer plans.  Therefore some weeks you might attend twice a week… as you schedule it… as long as there is room in the class.  Maximum of 10.




Wild Animal Park (June)

Your little monkey will soon have some new moves and songs to accompany their pretend play… and extend that play to so many new animals.  We’ll BE the animals, moving s-l-o-w like sloths, as well as slither, pounce, bounce and more.  We will refine our animal calls, and learn much about these creatures through our songs and musical play.  Students will also recieve a little wooden frog guiro with this unit.

Make Believe (July/Aug)

Your little pirate, knight, and princess will be sailing the seas in search of treasure, promenading through the castle, and taming wild beasts to protect our loved ones.  Our stories and songs of interesting characters, and places lead us on language rich pretend play adventures.

Four Thursday afternoons (2 in July, and 2 in August) is offered for all scheduled summer weeks:

  • Thurs. 4 pm.

July 12  &  19   

August 2 & 9 


Or, You could choose a 4 day Summer Camp:

  • Mon – Thur:   2:30 pm

July 16 – 19:   

When enrolled in one set, you can schedule around summer plans, or illnesses, by scheduling a Make Up Class in a different set. 

Drums, Drums, Drums  (July/Aug)

Your child will be exploring real drums and music from around the world, in this robust percussion-filled experience.   We learn to play drums in a variety of way with varied pitches with our djembes and African talking drum.   We discover how the drum can talk to us and tell us how to move our bodies.  And with our new pan pipe instruments, we explore musical pitch and wind instruments.  We will be making our own drums !!!

As an orchestra teacher and violinist, I know how invaluable it is for young musicians to be able to keep a steady beat at different tempos, to be able to match pitch while singing (or playing), and to be able to follow directions in a group setting—all skills Debbie teaches and reinforces right from the beginning. My son has been given the gift of a great foundation for his future musical studies and other life adventures!
Sarah Morrison

Musician, Music educator, and Mom