The Rhythm of My Day                                                                                    Week 7

Where’s Daddy…peek!

Children delight in peeking games, and will look to find you over and over again. But hiding games are more than nursery rhymes. They teach your baby about a concept called object permanence, or the understanding that something exists even if she can’t see it.

We played two such games this week, one with the eggs “Lost them, lost them, where did the eggs go?”  and “I See You – Tra la la la la la”  They can actually see through the scarves, but they LOVE to have you pretend that you can’t see them, but they can see you.  Even my three year old continues this game – hiding in the same spot for every hide and seek game, and when musically inquiring “I wonder where my Cora’s gone?”, she still announces, “I’m in here, mommy.”

Your child will develop object permanence over time, and by playing hiding games regularly, she may develop this understanding sooner. Over time she will pick up the scarf to find the toy hiding underneath. He will begin to picture in his mind the whole object when he only sees a part of it.  She’ll have a picture of an object in her head when you ask her to get something, and she will look until she finds it.  And he’ll know your still there, even when he can’t see you.

So Peek-a-boo, I’ll see you…next week!