KINDERMUSIK FOR THE YOUNG CHILD, SEMESTER 2           Week 10 (Lesson 25) 

Reviewing material previously learned, and working with new material – are two very different activities that access different areas of the brain. With this in mind, we make it a point to review favorite songs and singing games each and every week as well as work with novel material.  

We continue to focus on reinforcing the notes we have learned on the staff, and on the glockenspiel.  We introduced a new game (they will receive the cards next week), whose major purpose is to review the songs and skills we know by: singing the song, reading the music with the note names, and playing the song on the glockenspiel.  Please make sure to review Lucy Locket, Bell Horses, and Mouse Mousie with them in these ways,  BECAUSE next week, we will use the game cards in which they pick a card which has one of these songs, and another card with tells them how to present it.  They will be much more confident with these skills if they are practicing them at home.  Even just a few times through each song will make a world of difference. 

New this week were the terms staccato and legato, referring to the articulation or detached and sustained qualities of sound. Staccato refers to sounds that are separated and detached. The children found that the word staccato lends itself to this type of sound if you separate it as follows: stac-ca-to! Legato refers to sounds that are smoothly connected. Try saying legato as smoothly as possible.  The activity on their home card encourages them to use these concepts with their glockenspiels in determining the sound of a variety of bugs In The Grass.  Lots of fun !!! 

Continue to sing favorite songs together this week—using your stac-ca-to and legato articulation, naturally!  While singing or playing their three songs, have them try to play it each of these ways. 

Oh, and remind them that if they learn the words to Che-Che-Koolay, our African echo song, they can be the leader of the game!  It is on the CD, as well as last week’s handout.