During April, two historical events are being remembered.  Families are retelling magnificent stories that are rich with teachable moments.  Easter focuses on the sacrifice and rebirth of Christ.  Passover focuses on the sacrifices undertaken during the escape of the Hebrew slaves from ancient Egypt.  Both stories, and the season of Spring itself, offer us the opportunity to teach our children about peace.  It is time for us to re-awaken and re-commit to developing our ability to create peace, within ourselves, within our family, and within our world.

Thanks to following mama merit badges on Facebook, I was directed to a beautiful posting on the Awesomely Awake blog.  WOW !  YES !  I was INSPIRED !

Within Peaceful Steps to Take Each Day, the author brings to our attention to peace, its place in our lives, and specific steps we can take every day to continue to find it.

“Peace isn’t a destination. It’s the way. We won’t suddenly find some epiphany that keeps us at peace forevermore. We have to find what gives us peace in our own hearts and use those tools each day. We have to find our own ways, every single moment of every single day to be at peace, even in the chaos.”

There is peace and joy in just reading this post, and I believe in every Peaceful Step she mentions.  It is how I want to teach peace to my children.  Please take the time to read and savor its message.  Be inspired !

I have only two additions to the list of daily steps:

The first is using music to help deeply feel the peace within the music.  After 911, during our Kindermusik classes that week, we listened and rocked to a beautiful rendition of “Shalom Haverim”,  which included the English translation “May peace be with you.”   The music filled our souls in a way no words could have, no matter what culture or belief system were at our core.  You can hear a clip, or download “Shalom Haverim” from play.kindermusik.com.  (Actually, the album it is on “You Are My Sunshine” is full of peaceful songs.  It is excellent evening music to wind down with.)

The second is using stories, like the stories of Easter and Passover, as well as many other stories throughout history and literature that illustrate the efforts that people have gone through to bring about peace… within themselves, within their family, and within communities of people, large or small.

PLEASE share the music, and or stories you use to teach your children about PEACE.