Imagination THRIVES in young children from 3 – 7 years old – they learn and process information through their pretend play.  Media is full of fantasy to expand their world.  But what about the wonders of the real world?   People from different cultures have many things in common, but each has their own unique aspects.   Wouldn’t it be fascinating to fill these young children’s minds with awareness of different cultures around the world through words, sounds, songs, dances and games.  Their imagination and pretend play will forever be enriched.  And it is likely they will be more open minded and accepting of people who are not like themselves… curious…  instead of afraid.


Our Summer 2013  Kindermusik Adventures can bring these cultures to life in the hearts and minds of these young children. .
All people communicate , but each language sounds different.  Wouldn’t a young child love to know how to say Hello, Goodbye, and to count to 3 in several languages?    Yodel from the mountaintops in Germany?  Communicate with talking drums in Africa?
All people wear clothes and live in some sort of shelter.  Wouldn’t a young imagination thrive with simple new ways to make  “cultural costumes” and “build cultural forts”, from a tee-pee to a castle?
People from all cultures sing, play music and dance.  A young child who learns some of these musical cultures will be building a foundation for expanding their pretend play now, and for connecting with unique people for the rest of their lives.    We’ll learn songs about animals from different countries, learn simple cultural dances, and be transformed into a German OOmpah band, and even a Mariachi band for a fiesta in Mexico.   Ms. Debbie has MANY instruments from all around the world to share through hands-on experiences !

We can do it ALL…  or whatever fits in your crazy summer schedule,

right here in Lakeland, Florida !

Kindermusik Adventures:   Around the World

 This Summer Camp is specifically designed for children 4  – 7 yrs. old.  (some flexibility)
Children participate independently for 60 min., and the parents can join in for 15 more min.
Once a week class is offered for eight weeks throughout the summer on Thurs. 1:45 – 3:00 pm.
Each day is a full adventure into a variety of cultures from different countries around the world.
Here is the complete schedule:
6/13 – Native American
6/20 –  Latin America
6/27 – England / Ireland / Scotland
7/4   – NO CLASS  – Happy Independence Day !
7/11 –  Australia
7/18 – American Folk / Appalachian
7/25 – Africa
8/1   –  Europe – France, Germany, Italy
8/8   – Asian Pacific / Hawaii
These EIGHT classes are available on a first come, first serve basis.
Flexible Family Plans are offered, and must include a set number of classes and a set of home materials.
See below for a description of the materials.
  • $60  for 4 classes and a set of DIGITAL home materials
  • $100 for 5 classes and a set of PHYSICAL home materials
  • $120 for all 8 classes and get both DIGITAL and PHYSICAL home materials.

Some modifications can be made, like adding a class time to a plan, or purchasing an extra set of materials.  Let’s talk.

Ms. Debbie has created this set of 8 classes, and these options, uniquely for this summer.  It won’t be available again in this form.


Enrollment can be initiated on the following form to identify your Family Plan choice.

Enrollment for 2013 Summer Kindermusik Session in Lakeland

At that point, a survey will be sent for you to identify the specific dates your child plans to attend.  Class availability and any payment plan will be verified.  Your enrollment will be complete when the initial payment is made.  
Home Materials Descriptions:  Either set of materials also includes handouts and emails from Ms. Debbie to continue the learning at home.
PHYSICAL home materials include:   A children’s book, “Ned Redd:  World Traveler – A Search-and-find Adventure”, the accompanying CD with a song from each of the countries in the book, and a wooden den-den drum.  $35

DIGITAL home materials include:  Online and Mobile access to a children’s book, music, games, videos and more, with music, book, and materials to download for hand-on experiences.  For further details, please refer to the web-article:  Welcome to Kindermusik@Home.   Digital units include:  “Drums, Drums, Drums” (first 4 weeks)  and “Jumping Beans” (last 4 weeks).   Please call if you have questions.
For questions or personal enrollment service, connect with Debbie through the Contact US button to the right.
Did I miss a culture or country that YOU would like to see, or perhaps someone would even like to share MORE about their culture (child friendly versions) with me.  I love to learn about new cultures and share it with families.