Looking for Kindermusik in Lakeland? 

Come make music together with us in our newest Music Connections Studio:

145 East Edgewood, Lakeland  33803

  • part of the Redemption Church complex
  • Access to parking lot on Skipper Pl. behind Rib House BBQ, the shopping plaza with Fat Jack’s Deli & Mid-Florida bank on S. Florida Ave.  
  • just a few minutes from the Polk Parkway, headed North
  • follow the Music Connections / Kindermusik signs

Kindermusik In Lakeland Schedules (click here)

  • Weekly class groups – Summer Adventures (June-July)
  • Weekly class groups – School Year Kindermusik Core
  • Kindermusik Playdates: unique events offered 1 Sat./month.

Enroll at any time, and continue enrollment easily through different units, and even as your child move along to the next age group.

What should you expect when you arrive? 

Our entrance is on the SOUTH side of the complex, directly in from the West end of the parking lot.

You will enter into an open waiting area with chairs, a few books/quiet toys, and a water fountain. 

Bring an empty non-spill cup with you to fill so your child has a drink available inside the music room.

Once you enter the room, we take off and store our shoes.  Some folks like to bring socks to wear during class.

We store our purses / bags in the secured storage area during class.  Drinks must stay in this area.  

Any snacks will need to be eaten in the Waiting area. Please keep this area clean.

You will love our spacious bathroom down the hall, including a built in changing table !

During weekly class gatherings, it is likely Ms. Lisa will greet you at the door.  She is committed to making sure your enrollment and experience outside the classroom is EASY and Exceptional !

Ms Debbie will greet you inside the classroom, and we will start with a gathering time to play and get comfortable.

Through Kindermusik in Lakeland, FL, we are offering a unique opportunity for your child, and your whole family, to engage in music making together with other children similar in age, and structured specifically for each developmental stage from birth to 6 years old. 

Musically, your child will be building a foundation for music appreciation and concepts for their specific age, based on the teachings of early childhood music masters, Orff, Suzuki, and Kodaly, including the teaching principles of Montessori.

As a parent, you will appreciate how your child is met with consideration, respect and love for their unique personality and learning styles.  When you participate together, you have the unique opportunity to observe and discover how your unique child learns best, and to support their unique way of being engaged, even if it looks different from someone else. 

When your older child is participating independently with their peers, you may find yourself in the waiting area, listening in on the music making, sharing your own stories, problem solving with other parents, and/or enjoy playing with your younger child with our fun manipulatives.

Together, we become a cozy support system for each other as we face the challenges and delights of this rapidly changing stage of family life… made a little easier with the magical process of music.

As an orchestra teacher and violinist, I know how invaluable it is for young musicians to be able to keep a steady beat at different tempos, to be able to match pitch while singing (or playing), and to be able to follow directions in a group setting—all skills Debbie teaches and reinforces right from the beginning. My son has been given the gift of a great foundation for his future musical studies and other life adventures!

Sarah Morrison

Musician, Music educator, and Mom