Music Connections

 Ms Debbie’s LapYou found me!  I LOVE bringing the magic of music into the lives of children and families.  Of course, Kindermusik is my favorite method of doing this because the parents are so involved in the music process, in class, and in their daily lives.

Music Connections is based in Lakeland, Florida, and offers the many different Kindermusik programs, as well as Birthday Parties, Teacher Inservices, Parenting classes, and more.

To get to the heart of Music Connections… please read the Philosophy of Music Connections.  It will help you see how I believe that music connects us in so many ways.


My name on the Maestro wall at Kindermusik International

I’m quite proud that Music Connections has earned the status of Kindermusik  Maestro every year since 2002, identifying my program as one of the top 5% of programs worldwide.  It was a great honor for me to visit the headquarters in North Carolina and see my name on their Maestro wall.

It is sincerely my goal, with my services, and my online communications, to provide information and inspiration to my families in Kindermusik, as well as those who are not participating, and that it helps bring the joy and magic of music into the lives of families everywhere.

Merry Melodies,  Debbie Mondale

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