Kindermusik Our Time:  Fiddle Dee Dee       Week 13 

As we sang “When pigs get up in the morning, they always sing Good Day.”, we were introduced to the American Sign Language sign for each farm animal in my puppet collection.  As shown through scores of research, hearing children benefit through learning signs and speaking at the same time, and this is a fun way for them to practice.  Of course, I don’t expect you to remember all of them, that’s why I typed up a list of all the signs about animals and other things we learned about this semester.  Hopefully, you picked up the sheet, but I have also added it, and some cool resources and links, to my Resources BLOG, so you can find it any time you want.  We will continue to play with them again during the next two weeks.  I hope you enjoy this added feature for the “animal semester”.


Although it is important that the adult partner continue to use the full sign as indicated, please remember that a child’s version may look a bit different.  It is not important to correct them, but rather to recognize what they are trying to say, and enthusiastically encourage their attempts to communicate this way.  These signs can be used whether you are saying the name of the animal, or even how the animal sounds.


As we near the end of the semester, renew your child’s excitement about Kindermusik through revisiting “old favorites”–favorite activities, favorite sounds on the CDs, favorite songs to sing, or favorite dances. Flipping through your Home Activity Book will remind you of many of these. And you might even come across some ideas you have yet to try!


*** Please email me some of your child’s favorite activities, so I can try to include them in the agendas for the last two days of class.