Come find Mrs Debbie and her Kindermusik Pit 

on April 21  – – – 10 am – 2 pm at the

Children’s Festival

 in downtown Munn Park in Lakeland, Florida.

– Organized by Explorations V Children’s Museum  – website

You may have seen me and my Kindermusik Pit before, I’ve been at several festivals over the years.  My  gated area is set up on a outdoor mat and is filled with all kinds of instruments to freely explore within the “pit”.  Children and parents are welcome to come and go as they please, and to revisit when desired.  I’ve been consistently a part of this Festival for the last 10 years !

The Annual Children’s Festival is a unique spring celebration, held in support of the nationally recognized “Week of the Young Child.” Attended by thousands annually, the Children’s Festival draws attention to the importance of enhancing education through playful, interactive learning adventures using the Museum’s exhibits and programs all based in art and science, education and wellness. Volunteers from businesses, schools and organizations provide creative experiences for children to broaden their language, literacy and imaginative development in Munn Park and throughout three floors of the Children’s Museum.  This event seeks to engage, inform and unite the community for a day of shared playful learning experiences for children and their families.

In coordination with their 2012 Theme:  a Picnic in the Park, the Kindermusik Pit will include food shaped instruments, as well as a variety of homemade instruments made with items from nature, or picnic accessories.  Of course, we will have a large variety of fun percussive instruments.  Ms. Debbie will also occasionally read a fun Kindermusik book about a family of ANTS going on a picnic.  No specific times, just ask me !

AND, of course, we will be listening some of our best picnic in the park music!

Hear snippets of the music, or download whole songs from

The InTune Studios art instructor, Carolyn Espina, will also be offering a fun art activity of making den-den drums, and decorating them with thumbprint critters and more.

The InTune Studios director, Tiffany Stokes, with some of her Young Voices students will be presenting some of the fun material from their “Thwacked” musical they are working on.

We hope to see you THERE !

If you know of any other family friendly festivals in the Polk County Area, please share in the comments, so more families will be in the know.