THIS Saturday, April 14,  10 am to 2 pm: 

Explorations V will be hosting it’s annual Children’s Festival.  The road outside the museum is closed to traffic, so you will find a wonderful variety of hands on activities inside, outside, and all over the park!  I’ll be there in the park with my Music Pit, just ready for grand explorations!

Next Saturday, April 21st, at 10 am.

I’ll be presenting my once a month Musical Family Event,  where we enjoy a variety of musical activities for families with children of ALL ages.  This month, our activities focus on sea creatures you might find at an aquarium, fish, crabs, whales, octopus, etc.  It’s only 45 min., and a great way to spend a Sat. morning interacting with your children. 

Kindermusik families, remember, this is a great way to attend a make up class. 

New families, PLEASE come and try out Kindermusik for FREE.  I am so sure you will love it once you try it, and this is sort of a preview class for the upcoming Summer Semester.

Past Kindermusik families:  Oh, please come and join me for a family class.  I would LOVE to see you again, and see how the children are growing into their bodies and personalities!  It is just $15 for the WHOLE family.