In so many ways, music allows us to connect, within ourselves, our family, our community, and our world.  That’s why I do what I do.  See my philosophy for creating Music Connections .   My “Summer Series” blog postings will feature unique ways to connect to through music  – for everyone.  The tab at the top will link them all.

This video highlights the ability for music to make global connections, and the discussion encourages what you can do with  it to further connect with your family, and the world, through music.


A street musician in California, Roger Riddley, was just playing for change, but he played his heart out and offered music that uplifts the soul.   He didn’t know it would inspire a worldwide movement for peace through music.

This beautiful rendition of Stand By Me (by Ben E. King) was recognized for its potential to connect.  The recording of Riddley’s music was offered to musicians (see headphones)  around the world (names & countries included), and their unique voices and instruments were added to the original sound track to create a truly amazing feeling of unity.  

When you watch this video with your children, consider engaging them with some of these options:

  1.  Point out the instrument that each musician is using (including their voice).  You can even pretend to play that kind of instrument.
  2. Read the names of the musicians and where they are from.  If you have a map of the world, jot down all the countries and try to find them on the map.  Place a little piece of playdough on each country, and see how far this music connected people.
  3. Learn the words to this song and sing it along with your family.  This song can actually become a ritual in your family, and its ability to connect you to each other may be able to help through tough times.  Due to copyright laws, I cannot provide the words here, but they are online at LyricWiki.
  4. Learn about PLAYING FOR CHANGE, a “multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music”  This introduction, , shares the story, and connects you to their website so you can learn how to be a part of this amazing movement.  The video on this page explains the heart of the movement and includes one of the best versions of Bob Marley’s “One Love” (I cried because it was so heartwarming.)
  5. Watch this cute video of how baby Eli responds to the music as he is watching the Stand By Me video.


How does YOUR child respond to this music and video ?