The students were so eager to play their songs, when I asked “Who’s next?”, about 5 – 8 hands went up, every time.   How do I choose?  Actually, the girl who led off the Annual Young Child Music Festival is one of my first year students.  

Jillian n Katharine

We Love our Glockenspiels

This girl is extremely shy, and I usually have to ASK her questions to get her to talk.  In class, she preferred to play the songs for me before or after class.  But, there she was, eager to be the first to play in front of total strangers.  When called upon, her first question was “Can I play ALL of my songs?”  WOW!  She did!  Even one she hadn’t played for me before.  And she kept wanting to play throughout the festival.  Most all of the children did.

At my Music Festival, all of my current students from the Kindermusik for the Young Child program, as well as past graduates are invited to my house to share our talents.  My favorite part of  regular Folk Music Festivals is after all the performances are over, and folks gather round in circles with their instrument and take turns leading songs.  So THAT is what we do at our Festival each year. 

ANT position

ANT position

I simply love watching the students get so enthusiastic to share their talents, either by themselves, with a friend, or with a whole group.  This year we had a previous graduate (now 13 years old) play some fabulous classical works on the piano – fully impressing everyone!  And when a graduate from last year’s class played a song from the YC curriculum, then ALL the girls wanted to play the class songs on the piano.  “Just show me where C is.”   Even some siblings got caught up in the enthusiasm, and they volunteered to play. 

Mother - daughter duet

Mother - daughter duet

One of the students and her mother played a duet on violins, showing us a new way to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.   And then her mom shared her incredible talent by playing some fun upbeat music, and allowing the students to play percussion instruments and dance along.  The violin isn’t an instrument we learn in the YC program, but her mother and father play with the Orlando Symphony, and this girl is a natural.  Her parents also appreciate the full musical experience that the YC program offers in the areas of music theory and music history.   

The students would have stayed all night, well, at least longer than the parents were prepared to stay.   Well, that’s happens at the Folk Music Festivals when I go.  I esp. like the Will McLean Festival in March.  It is very family oriented, and there is good music played day and night.  They are all quite talented.

So are my Young Child students and graduates, and parents!  Thanks for a wonderful time !

What gets your child enthusiastic to play their instruments for and with others?