Today is International Peace Day.  Hmmm… wouldn’t it be really awesome if there was a “cease hostilities” law that everyone respected on Peace Day.  Our world really needs that these days.  Our world really needs every day to be Peace Day.  But we don’t really need laws, or assigned days to know that peaceful living would help everyone thrive… everyone in the whole world.

And we know we can’t change the whole world until we are able to make peace a priority in the way we live, and in the way we teach our children.    It’s not rocket science, and you don’t need to hire an architect.  Once we start with small things and get the hang of it, we will want to create more moments of peace, find peaceful paths, and make peace part of our daily lives.

Here are  30 ideas that include children and music, from things that take only a moment, to setting up routines for a lifetime of moving towards peaceful parenting.

Consider how each idea could be implemented through:

  • Creating inner peace for yourself
  • Cultivating peace in your family
  • Cultivating peace with others outside your family.

 Takes Only a Few Moments to focus on Peace

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Breathe deeply 10 times, focusing only on the slow sounds of your breath.

Sing or hear a peaceful song.  (See and participate in this discussion on my Facebook Page.)

Write an inspirational note, or a draw peace sign on sticky notes, and stick it to a bathroom mirror.

Cuddle with your child, and/or with your pet.

Trace around your child’s hand, slightly altering it to make a peace dove.

If you have a fish tank,  relax and watch for a few moments.

Smile & say hi to a neighbor or a new face.

Stand in a moment of silence on International Peace Day (Sept. 21st). Hold hands with someone.



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Takes less than an hour:

Relax for at least 15 quiet minutes: in a bubble bath, stretching, or meditating

Create a Peace Corner for your family.

Create a Peace Corner for yourself.

Have each family member create their own Peace sign (be creative) and hang it up in a place of their choice.

Hang a peace sign or poster in your window at home. (Search online images for ideas:  symbols of peace around the world)

Make a Family poster that identifies your peace-centered beliefs.

Print out some peace quotes and post them around the home to be continual reminders of our chosen focus on peace.

Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while.  (Children can do this too.)



Try out or Participate in a Process to focus on peace

Schedule a visit for a Yoga class and learn the basic foundation and purpose.

Schedule a visit with your family for a Kindermusik class !   (Request a Free Preview! >>>>)

Color a Mandala while listening to soothing music. – (a personal favorite)  (What is a Mandala?)

Walk a peace labyrinth  (Peace Labyrinth Locator)

Visit someone who lives alone.




Set a Process in Motion:

Schedule regular routines of Yoga or Meditation

Create a peace garden, or your own Peace Labyrinth

Explore poem or songs about peace; collect and discuss them.

Write a poem or song about peace

Volunteer in the community

Renew or mend a former friendship

Make “Goodie Bags” to hand to homeless folks at street corners.  (water, snacks, socks, toiletries, etc.)


PLEASE SHARE your ideas in the comments.  I look forward to hearing how your family celebrates and cultivates peace.