In the Kindermusik Do-Si-Do Village class, we are exploring many types of rhythms and dance steps.   These classical dances are simplified, of course, to allow baby to experience the marked rhythms that these dances evoke.  It also helps that we are carrying our partners instead of having to watch out for their feet.

The Charleston is a fun dance that hails back to the 1920’s, and the babies dig that swinging motion.  This is a great old-time video featuring some unusual, additional twists on the basic Charleston step.

I probably wouldn’t try the steps from this video while holding a baby.  But if you have any ragtime music to listen to, you may try these basic steps:

Rt foot Step forward, Left foot kick forward,

Left foot step back, Right foot tap behind you

Repeat until you are exhausted, then go weigh yourself, cause you probably lost a few pounds.  This dance originated as a high energy dance, made more fun by the fringe that was worn at the time.  These guys don’t have any fringe, but they certainly have some energy!!!