Whoo! Whoo ! ALL Aboard !  Children LOVE things that go ! Some of us never grow out of it. I love train rides and long road trips that give us a chance to feel the wind in our hair, see new places and connect with our traveling friends.

Trains are especially exciting for young children, with all the sounds, the motions, and the adventures !  Most folks are aware of Thomas, and all the wonderful stories of he and his friends.  But there are many other wonderful resources, ie. books, movies, websites, and more about unique trains, and even railroad track layers.

In the linked blog posts listed below, I have listed some of my favorites !

Then connect your child to others who share their passion for trains and other things that GO!  Join our merry music making with groups of other children and families In our Kindermusik programs.  Which program would be best for your child to expand on their passion, gain music skills, and enhance all areas of their development?

ENJOY the resources at these links !  The music and books are really great !

DOWNLOAD some great music from:  Play.Kindermusik    Check out these albums:

  • All Aboard
  • Zane the Train

And enjoy the resources that I have shared on my previous blog postings:

In which of these programs will your child enjoy the pursuit of their passion, and make friends along the way?   Click on the Circle Button to learn more and see the class times.


Away We Go !

Your 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 year old child on the GO,  is bound to LOVE Shiny Dinah, one of the most beloved characters in Kindermusik, through her book, song & carrying case.

Your young engineer will have new songs, sounds, music and more that let their imaginations soar through explorations of trains and so many other things that go, like cars, planes, boats, horses, and more.  Let’s RIDE!

Toys I Make, Trips I Take

Your 3 – 5 year old toy maker will take her pretend play with trains to a whole new level, planning trips, creating maps, designing track systems, and more… along with singing songs about trains, and other classic toys in a toy shop.

BE the Jack in the Box and a spinning top.

Get your OWN DRUM

Build a boat and sail into the sunset.

Zoom Baby

Feeling the steady and quick chugging movement and hearing the sounds of a loved one’s voice whistling and singing along with train songs is an amazing and delightful experience for your baby that can enhance all areas of development.  And there is so much more for you in our program for babies.

Your 2 – 12 month old can enjoy 3 themes this Spring.

  • February: farm animals
  • March:  things that GO
  • Apr/May:  Nursery Rhymes