Oh, YES !  Children do strongly anticipate the gifts they receive during the holidays !  It may be one of the most talked about topics during this month, and maybe for a few weeks into the next year.  But what do children cherish and remember MOST as life goes on?   Special times with mom, dad, or even the whole family!

This may be as simple as listening to, and singing along with a favorite CD of Christmas songs as you travel around in your car, or at home.  Every year, in our family, the familiar music is a reassuring background as we gently unwrap each of our special items for the Christmas tree, flooding us with memories of each person that provided us our unique ornaments.  My children and I listen to my favorite, the Charlie Brown Christmas Album, as we make a special ornament each year with their pictures.  Many of my ornaments bring special memories of my past customers.  (Thanks again for the ornaments – You know who you are !)   

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YOUR family’s cherished memories may be from attending the annual events in our community, such as the Christmas Parade (one of our favorites), or seeing Santa (in so many ways), or even experiencing SNOW in Florida at the annual Snowfest.  Check out my blog’s list of Holiday Happenings in Lakeland this week.  WOW!  

OR perhaps your family chooses gifts that bring about special family times throughout the coming year.  Two years ago, our family decided to focus on gifts that bring our family together.  Last year, everyone in our family received hiking supplies, and maps to the Geo-cache locations around Polk County , along with a Scrapbook to fill with memories of our adventures together.   Our favorite hiking songs, “The Ants Go Marching … “,  “Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In”, and “Walkin’ – Yes, indeed, I’m Talkin…”

Many of my Kindermusik families, past and present, have shared with me that their weekly Kindermusik classes, and the continuation of these songs and activities throughout the week with the home materials, provide their family with cherished moments and cherished memories.   

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a wonderful customer from years ago, Beth Kingham.  She shared with me that the times she and her children spent in Kindermusik were so joyful, so beneficial for her family, and that the family routines, and FRIENDS that were made at that time, are still so much a part of their lives today.   I left with tears in my eyes from her appreciation.  I am so grateful to be able to share the power of music with children and families.   And I am so grateful for all my customers who have made these times special for me as well.  I LOVE watching families grow through music.

Consider giving the gift of Kindermusik this year to set up months of ongoing special times for you and your children.  It may not be as much of a WOW factor under the tree, but it will bring many cherished moments throughout the year.  It will bring your family together, enhance your child’s development, and you just might make some long term friendships.   The power of music has the potential to make a true difference in the LIFE of a child.   A good beginning never ends.

Check out my schedule for Spring Semester on my Website, http://musiconnx.yourvirtuoso.com , and contact me to schedule a time to visit a class for FREE.   You will soon see that it is the BEST choice for a long lasting gift.

From my heart, I wish you a healthy happy holiday season with your family and your traditions:  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a special Kwanzaa, Happy New Year…  May your season be filled with many memorable moments with your family.  And may you be surrounded by many Merry Melodies during the coming year !

Sincerely,  Debbie Mondale