In the Imagine That! Toys I Make, Trips I Take semester, we have been working together to build toys, and BE toys for an imaginary toyshop – singing our way through the whole process.  The last two weeks, we have been building a boat, and taking imaginary trips in it, reading stories about it, and watching the stars in it.  Last week, the children were challenged to build their own boat, any way they want.  Enjoy watching the creative ideas they developed!


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Each of them are so proud of their creation!  And it was amazing how many different styles of boat, out of such various materials, with such unique features came into the Kindermusik class this week!

I do have to comment – allowing the child to lead the process is sometimes very difficult for parents.  I KNOW how important and beneficial it is, but I’m telling you, it took FOUR days to let Cora develop her own plan and carry it out, and that is HARD for me as a parent to be patient and not just take over and lead the process.  When she got stuck, I would suggest option after option until I could see the spark in her eyes (I wouldn’t accept a lackidasical “Well, alright”)  Then we would work through how to make it happen.  She had to be excited about it, and know that it was her chosen plan in order to get her to be motivated enough to follow through on it.  But in the end, she was very happy with her house boat, and the other children seem to enjoy it as well.

As a matter of fact, there was something special about each child’s boat that made it interesting to the other children.  One had characters in it to play with. One would actually float.  One was a Harry Ferry Boat, complete with trucks.  Several boats were able to get into, but each had a different way of powering their ride – a motor, oars, and one was even powered by a magic fairy wand.

I could go on and on, but the main point is, that it is extremely worthwhile to step into the world of your child’s imagination, and encourage and assist them to help some of their creative ideas come to life.

Children, Children, build me a boat, so on the ocean WE may float.  Enjoy!