Dear Imagine That! Parent:                                

We had such fun making a Vendor’s game in class this week and singing or speaking the parts.  I’m sure they will be trying to sell you a bunch of things at home this week, especially if you help them make their own vendor’s game board (Home Activity #5). [You don’t have to bring this in – only if the child wants to show it to me and get a stamp on it.]  Playing this game will help build their confidence as a singer, as well as reinforce many of the other skills involved in game playing.


Next week, each child will have the opportunity to “sell” something through another Vendor’s game I have.  All the singing this week, and through the week at home will help build their confidence to sing it by themselves.  I will have a little Vendor’s stand for them to stand in to really get a feel for the part.  Of course, they may be a little nervous, or not want to participate, and, as you well know, NO is a plenty fine answer.  Like I’ve said before, this class is based on process, not performance.  It is not age appropriate to require a performance at this age.  Performance may add a lot of conflicting emotions about music, and may be a detriment to their enjoyment of it.  We simply offer opportunities for joyful expression of music.  The imagination is used to help capture the excitement, which sometimes helps them through those emotional barriers.  I hope you got the handout from Kindermusik on Playing Games;  I’ll have it available again next week..  It is always fascinating how such little things can teach so much.  Games are just a great way to engage the interest, the imagination, and the mind of a child so that their systems are in perfect alignment to learn, and, of course, that is the best time to teach.  So please enjoy playing games with your child this week, and have a great one.

 Deb’s lap

As you see, the children are enjoying each other, and love to sit on Mrs. Debbie’s lap occasionally.  This picture was taken on Valentine’s Day, and it was a wonderful opportunity to share our enjoyment of each other.  We do have a good time.  I hope that you and your child are finding this class a meaningful and fun learning environment. If you have ideas or observations you would like to pass along to me, please feel free to send me an e-mail or schedule a time outside of class to talk with me.

Merry Melodies,     Debbie Mondale