First…  Thank You !  Thank you for sharing your family with our family so that our little music community is enriched.   It will be a delight to watch our children, and ourselves, grow and thrive through music together.

This Community Nest is THE online place to coordinate ALL the information you will need to navigate and support your successful Kindermusik experience.  If you have any suggestions on how we can make this space work best for everyone, please connect with me and share your ideas.  Together, we are better.

I look forward to getting to know each of you better and helping you use music to help make connections, within ourselves, within our family, within our Kindermusik community, and with our larger community.   Thanks so much  !

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Communications will come to you from many places, and it is important to make sure to set up your systems to allow all the communications to come through to you.  Be aware, I LOVE to talk with you by phone, or in person as well.  Ask me questions.  Tell me what you think.   And know that I LOVE hearing stories about how music is blossoming in your child and in your home.


Your Family Account 

Use your online account to update your family information, enroll in classes, check your balance, and make payments.


Enrollment FAQs,     including Scheduling Make-up Classes

It is helpful to know how the enrollment process works for a session of Kindermusik.  Your enrollment includes tuition for a set amount of classes and all the music, books, instruments and more that come with each of the units.  Your monthly installments are typically $65, or $75 for the Young Child program.  This article with FAQs may clarify this further for you, including the following

At times, you may not be able to attend your scheduled class time due to illness, trips, or… well, with children, it may be any number of things.  Do not fret, Music Connections has an open and flexible way to schedule a different time for you to attend.


Healthy and Happy in Kindermusik

No one wants to be sick. Our good health is important for us to thrive. So our guidelines for keeping our Kindermusik environment healthy are in place to ensure our families feel safe to attend.   What do we do?  What can you do to help?



Check on the dates of all the classes in your enrollment, as well as see additional events.  You should have a calendar in the Orientation Notebook provided to you at time of enrollment.   This online calendar is kept up to date with any changes.


Scheduling a Make-Up Class

If you must miss a class, you have the opportunity to Schedule a Make-up class.   Learn about your options, and how easy it is to schedule online, as long as you are enrolled.  This also covers what happens if classes are rescheduled by Music Connections.


Making the Most of your Kindermusik Experience 

PLEASE enjoy this good advice compiled by Mrs. Debbie through the experiences of many years and many families.



Local Kindermusik Community Connections

Kindermusik families help each other through the many trials and joys of parenting, and parenting through music.  Many families have become lifelong friends through music.  Let’s connect !