No Core Kindermusik classes scheduled for the forseeable future. 

Check out our schedule for individual unique Kindermusik Playdates during June 2022.


August 2021 UPDATE:  Ms Debbie had to take some time off teaching to be fully available to care for her parents who are undergoing significant health challenges.  Prayers and positive energy are welcome, as I know your hearts are so caring. 

Follow Ms Debbie’s content on our websiteFB page, or Instagram @musiconnxme, for great music and ideas to use now, and stay connected to know when classes will be offered again.  Simply click on the link to get you there. 

“I am SO SAD and sorry that I cannot be here for you and your family at this time.  I will miss making music with my Kindermusik community.   However, I am glad I have the opportunity to be there for my parents during this challenging time.  Thank you for your patience.”          – Ms Debbie

Basic Calendar Information 

  • Most Kindermusik classes are scheduled on Weekdays: Tues., Wed., & Thurs. 
  • Family Style Evening classes are offered on Thursdays
  • Saturday Playdates are typically scheduled on second Sat. of each month

Here are some basic guidelines concerning class dates:

  • Session classes continue weekly unless there is a reason for a missed week, ie, school breaks.
  • As a general calendar rule, if school is cancelled on a Kindermusik day, no classes that week.
  • If you will NOT be able to make it to a class, go online as soon as you know to indicate your absence (so others can have a chance to make up a class in your stead).  At that time, you can check availability to make up a class.


2022 Kindermusik Calendar Dates – Summer

See Schedules Page for June Playdates

Enrolled Families must review the Safe and Healthy Guidelines for Kindermusik Indoors