This Kindermusik Calendar for our local Lakeland and Polk County programs contains important information and a calendar of class dates for each session.


Families can enroll at ANY time ! 

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Hey Ya’ll, It’s FALL!  Well, in theory anyway. Florida is still HOT!

During the FALL of 2020, we are mixing things up a bit to meet the needs of families in a way that is SAFE and HEALTHY!

INSIDE?   No.  Due to high COVID-19 outbreaks in situations in which people are SINGING, and subsequent research, CDC guidelines do not allow SINGING indoors, no matter how large the space.  Just ask music teachers in the schools! 

OUTDOORS?  Yes, we do have a few limited options for OUTDOOR classes and events.  UMT is allowing us to use the large DECK outside of the Kindermusik studio, which gives us enough space for social distancing, and less risk so we can SING and dance and make music with our friends.  Families who choose this option must review the Safe and Healthy Guideslines for Outdoor Kindermusik in the Fall of 2020.



VIRTUAL?   YES, this is the perfect way to stay connected while staying safe at home.  For most of our classes and events, we will be interacting with each other LIVE ONLINE through ZOOM.  You may wonder how this will work for your young child, but you may be amazed at the connection and benefits and flexibility you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.  Check out what these parents have to say about the Virtual Kindermusik experience.  You must be REGISTERED for any class, even if just visiting, to meet regulations.

2020 FALL Session 

  • Core Curriculum Session classes are on Weekdays: Tues., Wed., & Thurs.
  • Saturday Playdates are typically scheduled on second Sat. of each month

Here are some basic guidelines concerning class dates:

  • Semester classes continue weekly unless there is a reason for a missed week, ie, school breaks.
  • As a general calendar rule, if school is cancelled on a Kindermusik day, no classes that week.
  • If you will NOT be able to make it to a class, join one of our VIRTUAL classes.


******  . September 2020  *********** HAPPY FALL Y’all !

Sept. 1                  Wk 1        It’s Music Day Events & Virtual Kindermusik House Party

————   Sept. 5      —-  Sat.   Playdate Events:  It’s Music Day! 

                                            9 am Outdoors  / 10:30 am Virtual

Sept. 7                  Wk 2      Mira, Royal Detective Events & Virtual KM House Party

————   Sept. 5      —-  Sat.   Playdate Events:  Mira, Royal Detective  

                                            9 am Outdoors  / 10:30 am Virtual

Sept. 15                 Wk 3       NATURE Themed units begin  

Sept. 22                Wk 4       NATURE themed units

Sept. 29                 Wk 5      NATURE Themed units

Oct. 6                    Wk 6       NATURE Themed units

——–     Oct. 10  ——– Sat. Playdate Events:   Pumpkin Party !

Oct. 13                   Wk 7       NATURE Themed units

Oct. 20                   Wk 8      Music & EMOTIONS themed Units

Oct. 27                   Wk 9      Music & EMOTIONS themed Units

Nov. 3                    Wk  10     Music & EMOTIONS themed Units

Nov. 10                   Wk. 11      Music & EMOTIONS themed Units

———   Nov. 14 —- Sat. Playdate Events:   Frolicsome Fall

Nov. 17                    Wk 12      Music & EMOTIONS themed Units 

************  Nov.  23 – 27  –       Thanksgiving Break – NO Classes

Dec. 1                     Wk 13      WINTER WONDERLAND Events & Virtual House Party

Dec. 8                    Wk 14      WINTER WONDERLAND Events & Virtual House Party

———   Dec. 12 —- Sat. Playdate Events:   Winter Wonderland

************  Dec. 14 – Jan. 5   –      Winter Break – NO Classes