Communication is a critical aspect of getting the MOST from your Kindermusik experience.  I need to communicate with you, and strongly encourage you to communicate with me.  We will all benefit.  AND you may want to communicate with others in your class.  Many long term friendships have started in Kindermusik.  With that in mind, I know that everyone has different needs, or BEST ways to communicate. 

Of course, personal communications are best direct.  We’d LOVE to talk with you about making this EASY for you and your child.   Both of these will connect you with Debbie Mondale or our Customer Assistant, Lisa Negron-Rodriguez, can help you with your enrollments, payments, or family account issues.  She is often in the waiting room during weekly classes.

  • EMAIL: 
  • PHONE CALL or TEXT:  863-606-8735  (Just please identify yourself on your first text.)

Here are the methods through which you will get information and be a part of our community:

Make sure to look out for these, especially those coming to your email inbox, and classify us as an approved sender.

  • Regularly sent Program Specific Emails – Each enrolled family receives these emails which identifies critical developmental topics from program;  provides reminders for things to bring;  may include enhancement ideas, and links to further resources.  You can easily access this email on your computer or mobile device.  Your online enrollment automatically sets you up to receive these.
  • Emailing me, or replying to these email is a quick and great way to connect with me.
  • The same system will also automatically send out reminders when payments are due to be processed, and will provide information if there is a problem with the processing.
  • Sharing Sheets are occasionally printed and handed out in class to follow up on developmental issues.  Let me know if you like these print outs.  Sometimes the printed word is more easily accessible for parents who lead such busy lives.   
  • TEXT MESSAGES, through REMINDhas now been set up with groups for each type of program, so we can easily send you messages about things to bring to class, upcoming date reminders, any changes that may occur, etc.    If you reply, it only goes to me, not group conversations.  Please provide permission for us to set up your mobile phone for Group Text Messages  to get these notifications, as well as rare, but critical messages (like if class is cancelled due to hurricune, or Ms. Debbie being sick.  Hopefully NOT!).  Once enrolled, we will add you to the group(s) in which you are enrolled.   When not enrolled, you will be placed in a group that allows us to send you bare bones facts occasionally.  Let us know if you want to be removed.
  • MusiconnxMe Facebook GROUP:  As an enrolled family, you will LOVE being a part of our PRIVATE group, where we can chat with each other about class happenings, share pictures and videos, and support each other in our parenting journey.  Once enrolled, you will be sent a link, and you can ask to become a member.  Once approved, you are connected in a better way than ever with other members of your class group, others in the same program, and others in the different age levels.  Fascinating sharing and music connections happens here.
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  • Music Connections Series and E-Newsletters:    While enrolled, and even if you take a break from Kindermusik, you will get monthly messages with information and links to things that will inspire your music making at home, and keep you up to date on the opportunities and events offered here in Lakeland.   There are also series of information that you can choose to recieve, for example:  Musical Parenting,  Introduction to our program for Young Musicians, and more are in the plans.  

    We will add you to this Robly system when enrolled.  Check to ensure you have received this, and classify as safe sender.   Gmail folks are likely to find these in your Promotions tab.   At the bottom of each of these is a link to discontinue getting emails from this system when you no longer want to be included.


  • Music Connections Facebook Page :  For ALL those interested in infusing music into our parenting and family dynamics, enrolled in Kindermusik or not, our business page will be starting conversations on topics that are relevant to you and your young musicians.  These may include inspiring quotes, musical jokes, personal stories of musical magic, local resources and events for children, tackling parenting issues, and MORE.   In order to see anything here, it will be important for you to LIKE and GET NOTIFICATIONS, …. AND… Facebook’s new analytics (starting Jan. 2018) will still not show you much of what we have to share unless you get in on the conversations.  Let’s talk to each other in the comments, and let FB know we are interested and want to be connected here.  Link to our FB Page HERE.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
  • Music Connections Website and Blog Articles:   This newly revised website is the doorway to a treasure trove of information for both enrolled famlies, and those seeking ways to nurture their children through music.  Link to our most recent articles HERE, and use the SEARCH features to explore musical or developmental topics that are relevant to your family.


Kindermusik International, our parent company, connects with families worldwide through these communication systems.  They are truly the leaders in music education for young children in over 70 countries, and are dedicated to reaching every child through music in one way or another.  Get CONNECTED and have conversations with people from all over the world.


  • Kindermusik International Facebook Page:  Yes, Kindermusik is being taught in over 70 countries around the world, and in every US state.  KI is headquartered in North Carolina, and these folks are delightfully engaging and provide continual inspiration and information for parents who want to infuse their family life with music.  I don’t just LIKE them, I LOVE these people !
  • KI Minds on Music BLOG and more:  As well as providing insightful articles with information and activity ideas regularly on their blog site, you can also access ALL of the social media platforms where they connect with people from around the world – through Google+, Pintrest, Twitter, … AND you will LOVE their You Tube videos !