Digital Materials

Some of the Kindermusik units come with DIGITAL home materials that can be accessed through any computer, phone or connected device.  Upon enrolling in the class, families will be assigned access to that unit, and it will be available the next time you log into your account. I highly recommend opening this site and bookmark the log in page, so all of your assigned units can be accessed easily in the future.  You may want to create a Kindermusik Folder for your Bookmarks Bar.

Sign In HERE to access any units of Kindermusik@Home Digital Home Materials that accompanies a program your family has enrolled in.  The Kindermusik@Home Digital Home Materials can all be found here.  Each family will be granted access to a unit of materials, for each unit in which they are enrolled that includes digital materials.

You should be able to use any computer or mobile device that accesses the internet to view the units that you have access to on the website.  These materials will always be available to you to enjoy as your child grows older, at your fingertips.  They will never be removed from your access, as long as Kindermusik International is in business.

FYI:  If you received physical home materials in class, there are no digital materials for that unit (unless Ms. Debbie is creating unique options).  Programs during the school year typically have physical home materials that you receive in class, and there are no digital materials included in these units.



SET UP your account

If this is the first time, you will need to click on “NEW USER” to set up your login information using the same email address as indicated in your enrollment, and create a password.   You may want to use the same password for both your Music Connections Family Account, AND to access these digital home materials.

If already in the system, simply log in to see all the materials you have access to, and enjoy.

Now you should be able to see all that is available through button links.  Be Aware:

  • For any device, internet connection is required to access these materials.
  • There are some differences in how the information is accessed on a computer vs. a mobile device.

On the Home page, Each Kindermusik@Home unit you have access to will have it’s own button, with the picture and name of the unit, including any units you may have  purchased in the past, and the newest units that you enrolled in.


When you click the button for the unit, you will see the Audio Player which has the music from just that unit).  I HIGHLY recommend you start by listening to the music.

On mobile devices, you should be able to listen to the music on that site, no downloads necessary.  Be aware, it can’t be transferred this music to your iTunes using a mobile device.  .

On your home computer, this music cannot be heard until it is downloaded, extracted saved into a file, and transferred to iTunes, or your audio player so you can upload it onto your phone, or make a CD.  If you need help with this, please contact me.  If you haven’t tried it, don’t stress, it is easier than you may believe.

Digital Activities

You will also see EIGHT different activities to enjoy.  Once assigned, through the first few weeks, you will get three emails from Kindermusik International encouraging you to try one or more of these activities.  We will talk about and explore these in class as well, but PLEASE feel free to get started on any of them at any time.  We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts about these activities in class.

On the computer display for the unit, there are buttons for downloadable and printable materials in pdf format.  I highly recommend for each family to print out the colorful page of lyrics to all the songs in the recordings.  The book can be downloaded and printed with full pages, or as a little booklet.  The activity pages are very interesting, and families may want to print some of the materials to enjoy as hands-on fun outside the realm of media.

Also on the computer display for the unit, there is also a link to purchase a CD of the recordings, and/or the book as a card book, and an instruments, or a Combo set of all of them for a better price.  Shipping is NEVER charged for these materials.  Of course, this is not required, but made available as a convenience for those who are interested.


I hope this helps you navigate the Kindermusik@Home site and home materials.  Please contact Debbie if you have questions, or need some help.