Integrated Music Sets in Limited Supply

Integrated Music Sets are developed around a central story or theme, and include the music, the book, and often other instruments are props.   Each music set  includes a CD full of delightfully creative songs and music on a specific theme, as well as specifically designed integrated learning tools to match the theme and enhance the learning.  Many sets include a matching children’s book, with a reading of the story included in the recording.  Some sets come with props and/or instruments.   There are many sets for young children, from infants up to Preschoolers.

 There is even an amazing set, including a DVD  for older percussionist (think of the music group “Stomp”).  Even adults will want to try out these skills.

For a short period of time, Kindermusik International invested in integrated music materials for children outside of Kindermusik classes, and developed these unique sets.  Kindermusik NO LONGER has any of these sets in stock.  (But the music is still available online to download from   I managed to keep a limited supply, and now have them to offer to you this holiday season.

Nov. 30 – Dec. 10 , I will have these available at InTune Studios.  For families who are not currently Kindermusik customers, I will be available at the following days/times:   Wednesdays  11:30 – 12:30;           or Thursdays:   1:30 – 3:30 pm.     and on Sat. Dec. 10th from 9 – 11 am.  I will choose a day during the following week to have them on disply and be available.    To find out when, follow me on Twitter @debbiemondale, or on my Facebook Page, or just email me at

This is the quick list.  For pictures and information about the music album and clips to hear sections of it, please click on the Album name.   Contact Debbie at if you’d like to know more about the full kit.   If you’d like, I would send an email description with a picture if  you want to share the information with a Grandparent or family member who may want to purchase one as a gift.

Babies and Toddlers 

Mister Sun (sunshine music)   CD (This is one of Mrs. Debbie’s FAVORITE morning albums !!!),  includes baby jingle ring instrument & yellow scarf                                      25.00

Cowboy Baby  (best of classic western songs with excellent arrangements)  CD, book, and cowbell       (see picture at the top of the page)                                                30.00

Tub Tunes  (bath theme – this is be-bopping bath tunes at their best.  Soon to become a family favorite)   CD, Squirty the Tub Fish, Duck hand puppet, mesh bag           25.00 

Pony Ride  (horse stable story with songs and activities using these instruments)  CD, 2 rhythm sticks,   two ankle bells                                                                                                    20.00

What A Day it Will Be!   – recordable book to set up so child can hear Grandma read the story and see pictures of Grandma and child on every page  (no CD)              25.00

1, 2, 3, Octopus and Me  (ocean creatures and songs help children learn to count)  CD, fish shaker, scarf        25.00

  • Add Nesting Cubes                                                                                                 15.00
  • Add Game Cards                                                                                                      10.00

Kindertown Five Fire Brigade  (fire rescue team of creatures)  CD includes songs based around the central story, book, fire hat,  fireman rain coat, fireman’s ax, and extinguisher squirt toy.  This is truly an amazing set your “fire fighter” will love.                           50.00 

Noodles from Scratch  (kitchen fun all done in a  jazz style)  CD includes songs based around the central story, children’s book (includes recipe for noodles), apron, hat, & utensils.  Perfect for your little kitchen helper – boy OR girl.  My nephew loved it.                              35.00

Wheels on the Move: Driving with Andy    (adventures of Andy the car in story and songs) CD, book, alphabet blocks with letters and construction trucks on them.               35.00 


I Need a Kazoot!   (this silly story is an excellent vocal & word play for preschoolers)  CD of silly songs for “tooting” or singing along, children’s book, & Kazoot instrument (very colorful different pieces that can be put together in a variety of ways to make a unique wind instrument).                 35.00

Critter Giggles (jokes and funny songs)   CD, Book of jokes just perfect for preschool  and younger elemenatary !  You’d like to hear jokes that are actually funny. Right???           30.00

Get Up and Stomp  (fun music and rhythm activities  for 10 yrs through adult.  I’m serious, some of these are even a challenge for me, but FUN to try.  I like to watch the activities on the DVD, then try it out bits at a time.  If you have a percussionist in your family, you’ve GOT to try this)  includes CD, DVD video, and drum sticks.  Though you may need to buy a bucket and a broom  (now you are curious, aren’t you?)                                                                                         35.00