Our Kindermusik Community

We are all in this creative and challenging process of raising young children… and it is so wonderful to connect with others.  Making music together is a beautiful way for this to happen naturally, and build a loving community where we can all nurture each other and thrive in our larger local community in and around Lakeland, Florida.

In the last 20 years, I have seen children look forward to seeing their familiar friends in music class each week, helping create a stable safe and happy place where they can learn.  Moms get the opportunity to have adult conversations with other moms about many of the same topics they experience daily.   And I have heard from many families who attended Kindermusik together and went on to develop the most beautiful deep connections that last far beyond the Kindermusik years.  Everyone’s experience is different, and each person may have different levels of comfort in connecting with others.  The opportunities are here to find what is right for you in building a community of support for you and your family.

First we connect through our shared experiences in class, and feeling a welcome part of a group.

It is a delight when we find our children approach another child and want to sit next to them as we are making music together.  And we may find it a bit striking when our child sits in the lap of another adult, as comfortable as can be.  When we share joyful experiences together, we begin to recognize there are other people in the world who like the same things we do, who are willing to share the joy of our growth, and the understanding of our shared challenges.  When we hold hands in a circle dance, there is an energy that connects us and helps us feel like we are not alone… we are part of something more… even for a moment in time.  That is one of the beautiful ways music connects us, and why this is what I have devoted my life to connect people this way.

Expanding our Connections

Sometimes, you may want to get together outside of class to talk, and let the children play more freely.  Other people are often looking for these kind of connections as well, so be brave, and just ask them to go to the park, or go have lunch together.  It is easiest to get the contact information directly from each other in class if you’d like to informally connect and make more time to chat.

  • Be aware that Ms. Debbie does NOT give out anyone’s contact information without permission.  If a person requests personal contact information from another family, they can give me permission to pass along their personal information to the other family, and they can choose to get back with that person.  Please feel free to ask them personally in class.  I have extra sections of paper to help you gather that information.


I’ve done several Parenting Classes in the past, and would love to offer these again if there is some interest.  I have a few key workshops that share some critical information.  But I also think it would be wonderful to establish a sort of Parenting Book Club where we share and discuss what we are reading – we could meet personally, or could even connect in an online chat group.

Please let me know of your interest in any of these extra connecting activities through my Contact Us form.

Connect with community through Facebook.

  • Music Connections Facebook Page :  If you Facebook, PLEASE become a FAN, and join in the conversation about inspiring quotes, personal stories of musical magic, local resources and events for children, tackling parenting issues, and MORE.  Get the FIRST NOTIFICATION of upcoming events, and even some sweet discounts !  I will also be sharing pictures of families willing to let me share (permission based).  I LOVE to hear from you about these Facebook Posts, or to see posts with pictures or stories about your family !
  • MusiconnxMe Private Facebook GROUP :  Even if you don’t use Facebook much, you will likely want to at least be a part of our PRIVATE Facebook group, as this is where I, and other families, will post the pictures taken in Kindermusik (with your permission, of course).  We also share thoughts, inspirations, and links to specific topics we focus on in class, whether it is our favorite nearby REAL train ride, or an article on involving our children in the house cleaning projects, or developing empathy in young children, or where to find live music to enjoy with our children.  This is a perfect way to connect with others in our Kindermusik community, and possibly even arrange to meet at a local park.  After you click on the link, you will need to ask to be a member, and once your enrollment is verified, you will be accepted to the group.   ONLY Kindermusik families chat here.
  • Lakeland Parents Nurture and Guide in the Younger Years PUBLIC Facebook Group:   This is a fairly new group I have added for everyone in our community to participate in conversations about parenting in the most positive way possible, and sharing ideas about local places and resources that make life easier or better.   This is a public group, so I don’t post picture from class here unless I have permission.    This is open for everyone in our local area, regardless of whether they have ever been a part of Kindermusik, so please invite your friends to join and get in on these conversations.
  • I am currently considering starting an Instagram account.  Please connect with me and let me know if you would be interested in this, and maybe help me get started.
  • If you are looking for me on Twitter, you may find  @debbiemondale, but don’t bother.  I tried, but that wasn’t my thing.  Sorry.